10 Unique Service Business Ideas

10 Unique Service Business Ideas
Starting a service business could be a golden business idea as today's market trends are changing rapidly and people are turning to services rather than buying tools and machines. If you are interested in service businesses, you can grab this opportunity to build a big service-business-brand.

With a list of service business ideas that are unique and could be started from a small investment, we are guiding you to the right path.

According to SelectUSA.org, over $2 trillion was generated by professional services firms in 2018 (only in the United States) and this is with an 11% increase from last year. Now, imagine, how big this services industry is? how big you can go with the right service business idea and plan?

Now check our top 10 unique service business ideas list to start today and make millions of dollars:

1. Personal Fitness Trainers

Who doesn't wanna get fit? but, many who wish to get a flat belly and muscular body, can't manage the time for going to the gym on a daily basis, they need someone who can push them for this and a personal trainer is perfect for this. People can pay up to $500/month or $21.97 per hour (according to Indeed). The choice is yours, you can charge a per hour rate or per month price. People will pay you and all you have to do for starting this service business is create your Whatsapp business account or a free Google my business profile+site. Let everybody know about it.

2. Life Coach Programs

If you are an expert (in business, life issues or something else) and you have sufficient experience, you can become a life coach and adopt this service business to make people's lives easy and wonderful while you make huge money and gain much respect. This is a business that is skyrocketing in today's world and people are really paying attention to life coaching programs. They can pay up to $50 or $1000 per life coaching session (it solely depends on your expertise and self-branding).

3. Electrician On Mobile

Whenever there's an issue with our electricity, we wish to have a phone number of an electrician who can provide his services as quickly as possible and not make us wait for hours. This is a situation when people pay according to the demand of a service worker. If you can start a business around electrician services, you can get paid from $50 to $100 per hour and that's still an average rate. If you go for high-class residents, they will pay more than your demands. So? this could be the best service business idea and all you need is a separate business phone number and a set of electrician toolkit with experience or a certificate (of course).

4. Shopper For Hire

People want everything at their steps and when it comes to grocery shopping or buying some essentials, they don't wanna go out as it's not an enjoyable shopping. So, instead of being tired, they asked their friends, neighbors, or colleagues to do grocery shopping for them. But, there's a gap, they want the delivery too. There are many mobile apps in various cities around the globe with grocery shopping offers and doorstep delivery services but still, they can't cover the towns and small cities. If you can work on it and build a service business plan that can bring shoppers for hire experience to everyone in the villages, you can make it big.

5. Handyman Services

Being a handyman could help you not run out of the budget and don't sleep without eating. Yes, you will handle every situation nicely when you are working as a handyman. As people often need such services, they always look for someone who can help them fix the common problems in their houses and they willingly pay you on per hour basis. You can earn up to $80 per hour as a handyman service provider.

6. Online Studies

This is growing now, even many schools are going online and governments are launching online schooling systems. You should dive into this river of a new industry that will be reshaping how we used to study or go to school. Probably our new children will start their education from a smartphone or a laptop, they will never go to school. If you can code or if you can teach and even if you can't do any of this, you can still set-up an online study portal with the help of coders who are available for hire on different freelancing marketplaces.

7. Home Improvement Services

Venturing into the vibrant flooring niche within the home improvement business unveils a notably lucrative service idea, blending inventive design with precise execution across various flooring solutions, from hardwood's classic charm to carpeting's plush comfort. Exploring available flooring companies for sale provides a smoother industry entry, letting you inherit an established business while mitigating initial risks. Whether launching or acquiring, your journey in the flooring business is financially promising and dedicated to enhancing spaces aesthetically and practically, creating a path as steadfast and appealing as the floors you install.

8. In-Home Massage Services

We need a massage when we are tired and when we are in such situations, we don't wanna go out and find a massage center. This ruins the day. What if someone tells you that you can just dial a number and call a masseur for in-home massage service? well, that's the business here. You can open a massage center that gives in-home massage services to clients. You can hire experienced masseurs and advertise your business online.

9. Business Consultant

If you have been into business for more than 5 years, you can make good money by converting your experience into paid hours with other business persons. They need you as an expert advisor and they are looking to pay you on a per hour basis. Just let them ask questions and you answer those questions with your experience and problem solving techniques to help them grow. This is how business consulting works and who you can get paid for each session or charge as much as you want from all of your clients.

10. Digital Marketing Services

Everybody is looking to go online and transfer his business to a virtual world where people are becoming millionaires and billionaires. Even a small business owner who hardly earn $50 daily, wants to be online to double his revenue. So, here comes your service business idea. You can help them sell their products online by digital marketing and tell them how you can get leads from the online world. You can get paid per project or per advertising campaign. It's your own choice.

So, these top 10 unique service business ideas can be adopted by any person who is looking to make money online or offline. It depends on how much hard and smart work one can do. If you need more ideas, you can stay with us.