PUBG Announced A Special Event for Pakistan Independence Day

PUBG Announced A Special Event for Pakistan Independence Day
Pakistan's independence day is here and its the 74th independence day of the beloved country. Leaving the PUBG ban behind the walls, the management of this online game PubG announced a special game event for Pakistani players which will take place on August 14, 2020.

The official event will start at 8:10 pm and end after 14 minutes without any breaks and trials. According to the report, the winner will also be given a big cash prize.

In a tweet by Players Unknown Battle Grounds (PubG) Pakistan the gaming-company said that a special online game even would be hosted for Pakistani players on the 74th Independence Day of Pakistan to make the players enjoy more and win more.

How to Play in PUBG Independence Day Event?

First of all, every player who wishes to play in PUBG Pakistan Independence Day Event, have to register their IDs and the registration will be surely in their mobile app PUBGM.

After registration, they will be included in a team of other players who are participating in the event so that no one other than the respective/registered players can enter the game-event.

It will be a super-duper interactive game event for PUBG lovers in Pakistan and there will be new items that players could use in the particular event.

Not just this one event for Pakistani players, but the PUBG team also added a new map of Pakistan's famous and historical places like:

  1. Mazar-e-Quaid
  2. Badshahi Mosque
  3. Chitral National Park
  4. Clock Tower
  5. Derawar Fort
  6. Hingol National Park
  7. Noor Mahal
  8. Ziarat Residency

and more.

PUBG Announced A Special Event for Pakistan Independence Day

The new map will be available to use/download for this event and surely the game team will add more Pakistani places to make the Pakistani PUBG players feel at home.

This competitive gaming event will be played only with Pakistani players and there will be a small mission for players to enter into the real event then the winner will be announced with his/her winning cash prize.