People Cards: A New Google Search Feature Launched in India

People Cards: A New Google Search Feature Launched in India
Google recently launched a new feature for its Indian users that is a unique feature the company was testing from February 2020. On 11 August Google team officially announced this People Cards feature that helps everybody to get noticed and claim a separate virtual business card on Google search results.

Currently, the feature is available for Indian mobile users only.

Google People Cards Demo:

Google People Cards Demo

As we see stories on Facebook, Status on Whatsapp and Fleets on Twitter, Google is not stopping at the search, after releasing AMP stories, Google released People Cards and many Indian Youtubers are saying that this Google feature could kill the Indian business card industries. As people will start showing their Google virtual cards to their clients as they will have the free spot on Google with their name and profession details.

Here's the official tweet:

After Google announced this new feature "People Cards" rest of the world started questioning that whether this new feature will be rolled out to the other countries or not and Google is not responding to such inquiries.

This is a simple feature that allows you to create a virtual visiting card for free and let it show on Google search results when someone searches your name. That's pretty awesome.