How to Create Your Facebook Avatar in a Few Seconds

How to Create Your Facebook Avatar in a Few Seconds

Facebook is slowly rolling out there latest, catchy, and much awaited feature that all of Facebook users were looking for.

As Snapchat and many other social media networks have released similar features, Facebook just made it and now rolling it out to the worldwide audience (US, India, and now in Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, and rest of the world) and here we are telling you how you can create your own Facebook avatar in just a few seconds.

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The simplest way to create your Facebook avatar and stickers:

  1. Download/Upgrade Facebook mobile app
  2. Log in to the Facebook app and click on the three lines Menu Button
  3. Click on the Avatars option and then click Get Started
  4. Customize your face features like hairstyles, colors, shapes, etc
  5. Click Done and share your avatar with your Facebook friends

This is a quick guide, for a complete tutorial with screenshots, scroll down.

How to Create Your Facebook Avatar in a Few Seconds

Just a few seconds of opening your Facebook app on your Android, iOS, or tablet and you will see your avatar there. Yes, you can create your Facebook avatar on iPhone and all other smartphones as well.

Just follow our simple steps below:

1. Open Facebook Mobile App and Click on the Menu (3 lines):

2. Click See More and You Will See Avatars feature:

3. Click on Get Started and Customize Your FB Avatar:

That's how you can create your Facebook avatar and showcase it with your friends.

But, if you are thinking this information is not complete, you should check below and see how you can customize your Facebook avatar to make it look like yourself (your face, outfit, and everything else).

Look at you and Customize:

There will be a little Mirror icon at the right side of Facebook Avatars feature, just click on it and you will be able to enable front-cam for seeing yourself as in a mirror.

Now you can pick your facial features like hair color, nose shape, chin shape, eye color and shape, hairstyle and color and so much more like your outfit and even your hat:

After that, there will be a lot of stickers with your same Facebook avatar that you can use to comment and make your friends be happy with it.

all of the images from Google images (Facebook Screenshots)