Here's How to Use Your Face­book Avatar on Whatsapp

Here's How to Use Your Face­book Avatar on Whatsapp

Recently, Facebook took the internet by storms with it's newly launched feature "Facebook Avatars" and now Facebookers want to use their Facebook avatar as Whatsapp profile picture, Whatsapp status, and to send to their friends and family on Whatsapp.

Here we are going to tell you how you can use your Facebook avatar on Whatsapp and use it for a status update or download and send in chats or upload as your profile picture.

Before we go to the exact steps, read how to create your Facebook avatar so that we can proceed with this tutorial.

1. Open the Facebook mobile app and click on three-lines Menu then click Avatars:

2. Now click on the Stickers icon at Facebook Avatars right side:

3. Click on any of your Avatar sticker:

4. Now click on More Options like you see in the below screenshot:

5. Choose Whatsapp from the sharing options:

6. Now you can set the Avatar as your Whatsapp Status or Send in Chat (see how to upload it to your status):

7. Click on the Send (Arrow) and that's it:

Now all of your Whatsapp contacts will be able to see your Facebook Avatar and you can repeat the process to upload more avatars on your whatsapp status or send it to your friends in whatsapp chat.

There's another way to download Facebook avatar as an image on your phone and it is by taking a screenshot. However, we don't recommend this.

How to set a Whatsapp DP using Facebook Avatar:

  1. Open Facebook app, go to Avatars
  2. Click on your avatar and take a screenshot
  3. Open Whatsapp and go to profile picture settings
  4. Upload that screenshot and crop your Avatar
  5. Click the Save button
You have successfully uploaded your Facebook avatar as Whatsapp DP (Whatsapp profile picture) and that's the same way of sending your FB Avatar in Whatsapp chats.

Pro Tip: You can follow the same method to use your Facebook avatar on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and any other app of your likeness.

Happy using Facebook avatar on Whatsapp.