How Twitter Forced Facebook to Support #Hashtags

How Twitter Forced Facebook to Support #Hashtags

Back in 2007 when Twitter begin to support the # as the unique social media network's feature by hyperlinking any text that is placed (typed) next to the # symbol, but not all the social media websites and networks were interested in this. Nobody noticed that Twitter was using it as a different approach to making a different social media network and then, the success of hashtags begin when people started using hashtags to share updates on wildfires in California.

Now people use Hashtags as a must-to-add item in every day social media posts and not to forget, this one feature took Twitter to hold IPO and go public. This feature made the company grow further and stay unique while there are hundreds of same-looking social media apps, Twitter is still the unique one.

How Twitter Forced Facebook to Support #Hashtags?

This infographic will help you learn how Twitter started the hashtags feature and how they forced Facebook to support this feature:

How Twitter Forced Facebook to Support #Hashtags
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So, the study and the result of this one unique feature says that if we can create something new, that's not existing anywhere, we can really bend a big audience and markets.

We should focus on bringing new to the public, rather than upgrading what's already being served.

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