LinkedIn Adapted Stories Feature to Compete with the Giants

LinkedIn Adapted Stories Feature to Compete with the Giants

LinkedIn Stories is the new thing at LinkedIn, the biggest feature introduced by LinkedIn after a few years. LinkedIn is around before Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter too. While Google is also testing stories feature in the form of AMP Stories, Microsoft is not avoiding this new market by introducing the same feature that we are using in other apps like WhatsApp Status, Facebook Stories, Twitter Fleets, and 15-second videos on TikTok.

Microsoft is aiming big at making LinkedIn a mainstream and #1 social media network by introducing stories feature in the United States, Canada, France, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, UAE, and some other big countries of the world. They are going to roll out the feature to all the LinkedIn users very soon.

But, look at LinkedIn, it doesn't look the same old-fashioned social network anymore. They also did a complete redesign and added various new features to make it compete with the giants.

Some key features of LinkedIn stories:

  • You can upload images and videos to your LinkedIn stories
  • LinkedIn stories last for 24 hours (expires automatically)
  • You can share LinkedIn stories with your network only
  • Upload up to 20-seconds of video content

How to Post a LinkedIn Story?

Well, this is the easiest way as you know it from Facebook and Whatsapp. Here's how to do post LinkedIn stories:

  1. Open your LinkedIn app
  2. Click on the circle with your photo and plus sign (you can see it at upper left corner)
  3. It will open the camera, now record a video or capture a photo
  4. You can also upload an already captured video or photo
  5. You can mention other users of LinkedIn in your network
  6. Post it to LinkedIn

This will be the easiest and object-oriented story as you are using a professional's social network. You can showcase your workspace or give tips, capture your office pictures, and do much more with LinkedIn stories.

With stories feature on LinkedIn, Microsoft also did a complete retouch of the social network and revamped its search functionalities.