Tips for Creating Digital Signages

Tips for Creating Digital Signages

Indeed, creating digital signage content for your business is fun. The process lets you experiment with different colors and design elements.

However, you must never forget that the goal of your signage is to convey a message to the viewers. Form always follows function.

As such, it is very important to have a basic understanding of the rules to make sure that your viewers can understand the content that you are trying to convey. 

Determine your target audience 

Digital signage is not one size fits all solutions. Before creating a visually pleasing design, you have to determine your target audience

For example, digital signage that is appealing to females age 25 to 40 might look flat for males age 18 to 24 years old.

Furthermore, don’t just think about targeting but remember the setting too. For example, the digital signage displays in trade shows have different goals than those in the airport terminals. 

You have to remember that the same communication strategies might not work for everyone. As such, make sure to determine your target demographic and the location of your signage. 

Determine the digital signage ratios 

Unlike in the web, digital TV screens have the same ratio. For a portrait screen, the ratio is 9:16. Meanwhile, for a horizontal screen, the ratio is 16:9. Any designs that you make must fit in a 16:9 or 9:16 ratio for TV screens. 

Meanwhile, if you are designing for a different screen type like an iPad, the size will change. iPad fits a 4:3 ratio and you can use a digital signage software in your design. As such, make sure to check your device size if it is outside the regular TV screen. 


Your message can get lost especially when your viewers cannot separate the elements of your design. For legibility, contrast is the primary factor to consider.

Good contrast can improve legibility while poor contrast can reduce it. As such, make sure that there is always plenty of contrast between your background and foreground colors. This is especially true to the text.

Be creative 

You still want to have some fun while you create serious results in your digital signage display. The most effective displays incorporate some humor in their content. Digital signage displays will let you create unique content which will catch your potential client’s attention. At the same time, you need to keep the display informative. Make sure that you keep your customers’ attention to the main advertised product or service.

Go ahead and make your audience smile or laugh. Digital signage content will let you integrate all kinds of images, animations, jokes, or memes. You can also include your social media feeds into your digital signage layout to reach this goal. 

Make sure to put some thought into your presentation with the use of digital signage software. Indeed, this can make all the difference between someone simply walking by or engaging with your digital signage. 


In sum, the tips above are there to help you. However, you can also try a little experimentation. Think outside the box, test your market, and read tips from the experts.

Rules are placed to help you have a basis on your journey to help you grow. The tips above-mentioned will help you discover the best digital signage content possible to entice your audience.