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Dark Truths About Entrepreneurship That You Have To Know in 2016

by on Sep 16, 2015
Reading newspaper and got to know how a single person with $100 makes billions in one night? and whiling to know how he make it happened? Probably the newspaper won't tell you but I am.

Please note: All the times success doesn't come overnight. Most of the successful people have untold past. Here I will tell you something so you can take a deep breath. I will show you the dark side of entrepreneurship.
Dark Truths About Entrepreneurship That You Have To Know in 2016
There are many hidden dark secrets of entrepreneurs. Many truths you don't know about them, here I will describe all that true things.
Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business, typically a start-up company or offering an innovative product, process or service. The entrepreneur perceives an opportunity and often exhibits biases in making the decision to exploit the opportunity. - Wikipedia

You Can't Predict Realism In Success

In start you have to most of your will power in your mind. Then! Things will become worse and you will start imaging what will happens to your business in next days. But! You can't predict all things rightly.
"All shiny stones can't be a diamond" - Umer Prince
Nutshell: You can't get what you think. People were no lazy. Now you have to give them out-standing things. You have to be experienced "you can get experience with failures". In many cases you have to wait about 2/3 years.

You Become Rude In Your Real Life

You can give your business a plus, but family?. You have to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can't go to vacations with your friends or family members. Instantly after success coming to you. You will be merged in work.
"Being an #real entrepreneur you have to work 365 days a year" - Umer Prince
Yes! A entrepreneur can't be on vacations. You have to manage too many tasks as a single boss. Imagine what happens if our prime minister leave our country and there is no other individual for doing important tasks?

Ha! Now I think no one will go for vacations "If he/she is a entrepreneur".

You Can't Make Money From First Day

An entrepreneur have to rely on his personal savings. You have to invest your food in your business for getting success. In many cases you have to wait 2/3 years for success to come. In initial months you can't make a penny. It means no credit will go to your bank accounts.
"We have to spend all the things you have in your pockets for becoming a successful entrepreneur" - Umer Prince
Don't give up: Do fight and success will come to you solely in near future. Many people give up in the end, where success is ready to meet them.

Workers May Leave You On Failure Stage

A inevitable thing is failure. It comes to all entrepreneur at least ones in life. You have to face it like a true hard-worker. It cause collapse in many business start-ups.
"We have to face failure for getting massive success" - Umer Prince
The bad thing is your workers and other members will leave your business on failure stage. They don't want to die with you. You will be alone at that happenings. So! Make sure you have a backup plan.


All I can say its "don't give up".

Try, try and try again. Success is waiting for you. As much as you can run with high speed, success will touch you on the road. Happy entrepreneurship!

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