Top 5 Ways to Track Your Wife's Phone Without Her Knowing

Top 5 Ways to Track Your Wife's Phone Without Her Knowing

Are you in fear that your wife is cheating on you? or you are in doubt that she is wasting your money on useless kitty parties? and she is saying different things to you? well, there's a solution to show her some proofs and let your relationship breathe a new life.

Ending a relationship is not the right solution, rather we should do the proper investigation and do the thing that needs to be done in a timely manner, it can save our relationships and makes a way of saying sorry to each other.

In today's technical world, we all are living a smartphone-enabled life and we can't go out with our devices, we have to carry them for being connected with the world and also our friends and family members. Those who are cheating on their partners, can't go out without a smartphone in their hands.

This is also a great opportunity for male-partners to spy on their wife without her knowing and you can do the same with your girlfriend, kids, or even your parents. You can simply use their handy devices as a tool to track their paths and know where they spend their time and what they do.

With over a hundred apps, you can easily track a smartphone by installing a GPS tracker for getting the hidden cell phone tracker information that can help you know where your wife goes when you are not at home and what she hides from your eye. Well, the words are enough, now if you and your wife is using an iOS or an Android smartphone, you can see the below methods and start getting the required information without her knowing.

1. Use Find My Device by Google

For all the android lovers, there's no need to install and test or pay for a spying app to spy on your wife. You can simply use the Find My Device feature by Google that is built-in and available in all the android smartphones.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Open your android device's Settings
  2. Tap on Security Settings and then Find My Device
  3. Make sure Find My Device is turned on

For some android devices, this option will be under Locations or Device Security options. You can simply open Settings and search for Find My Device.

After enabling this feature, you can go to your browser on mobile or a PC and visit this is a link that will show you the exact location of your wife's smartphone and let you erase the phone, delete the data or make it ring.

Or you can simply get the location and stay quit.

NOTE: You should add your own Gmail ID and enable these settings with your Gmail address, this will be the only key-hole that your wife may capture, but it's still worth it.

You can do one thing to hide these and it's by locking the settings page with your own fingerprint lock.

Why we recommended this at first?

Just because, it's the built and fully trusted option for tracking an android device and you can do the same thing with iOS devices by checking the page on Apple's official website for locating your iPhone device.

2. Install A Call Recorder

The simplest and crazy method of tracking your wife's smartphone without her knowing is by installing an auto call recording app and let you listen to what she talked about on the phone for the whole night or the day.

However, there are a few such apps that work without showing notifications or creating a public folder with storing all the recordings in one place.

Tip: If you can't help, you can hide such apps and be safe.

We recommend you to buy your wife a RealMe smartphone as these devices come with a built-in auto call recorder or you can as a freelancer too.

Yes, you can ask an android app maker or iPhone app coder to code an app that can record phone calls and send the recordings to your email address or store in the phone in a secret folder.

This will not cost you more than $100 and it's totally worth it.

3. Install A GPS Tracker

There are numerous GPS phone tracking apps for android and ios that could help you easily track your wife's phone and know where she is going when you are in the office or at work.

How to do it?

  1. Go to your smartphone's app store
  2. Search for GPS Phone Tracker and install 2/3 apps
  3. Activate and test some apps
  4. If an app is familiar to you and you can easily use it, keep it
  5. Uninstall other apps immediately

Why we are not recommending a particular app?

Just because, you have your own needs and all the apps titled as GPS Phone tracker could not work in the same way.

You can check this search for Android phones and see which is the best app for you.

4. Test Some Spying Apps

After checking Find My Device and GPS Tracking, if you still think it's not a convenient way to track your wifes phone without her knowing, you can do another search and check some of the spying apps for android and iOS devices.

These apps will work the same as the GPS tracking apps, but will surely have more features like locating the phone without sending any notification and by completely hidden and secret ways.

You can do a simple Google search for mobile spying apps and test some of them. As not all of them are free and actually work. Testing will help you understand which app is better for your spying needs.

5. Ask A Law Enforcement Agency

There are people who can't do all the stuff on their own and they are very busy in their professional life that they even can't spy on a cheating wife to clear the thoughts.

If this is a scene with you and you lack time for tracking your wife's phone, you can simply file a complaint and ask your local law enforcement agency to spy on your wife.

You may need to pay extra fees and may actually need the permission of authoritative personals, but it will be a great thing to let the officials help you with your personal problems.

They can silently trace your wife's phone and if required they will appoint a special agent to spy on your wife's daily moves so that you can focus on your professional life.

So, the choice is yours.

We have shared the best and top 5 ways to track your wife's phone without her knowing and understand whether she is cheating on you or not.

Now it's up to you.

NOTE: This article is for information purposes only, it helps you understand how to track a phone and use apps for tracking phones. But, it doesn't recommend you to spy on unknown people and steal their personal data or spy on them without consent.