How to Find the Best Running Shoes for Your Needs

How to Find the Best Running Shoes for Your Needs

Running shoes refer to shoes used by athletes or any other person to run. People run for different reasons but mainly as a form of exercise to help attain physical fitness. Weight loss is becoming an aim for most people in the modern world since it significantly impacts one's health. Usually, a person who has a lot of weight is susceptible to lifestyle diseases. 

To achieve a weight loss, many people opt to run as a daily routine to help attain the body's general wellbeing. It is always a challenging task to decide which perfect running shoe to buy. The variety of shoes designed for running have different types of technology. In this case, each shoe is customized for different kinds of feet. The ideal running shoe is the shoe that perfectly fits you and comfortable when worn.  

Running shoes are designed in an incredible way to handle the shock of 2.5 times your body weight created every time your foot hits the ground. For fashion and trend reasons, people prefer to match their active wear with their running footwear. Active wear refers to casual, comfortable clothing best suited for sporting activities or exercises. It brings out a sport like and a stylish look while you work out. 

Features of good running shoes

Shoes have different elements, and it is vital to know each element's purpose, putting in mind how even a slight difference might affect your running experience.

They include;  

1. Upper part 

It refers to the part above the sole of the shoe. Modern models use knitting and printing to develop the one-piece upper part to enable the shoe to stretch in the required places due to technology dynamics.  

What to look for; an upper part that takes the shape of the foot, binding, and smooth on every inch it touches. 

2. The toe box 

The toe box is the part of the footwear that surrounds the toes. The part has a toe bumper that protects the toes from getting hit by absorbing any impact in case of any thump. 

What to look for; a toe box that is not tight, allowing your feet to spread out in both width and length when you exercise, without causing any tightening or rubbing of the toes. 

3. The outsole 

The outsole is the lower part of the shoe. It is usually made using rubber or foam compounds, which increase flexibility and a shoe’s, wear life. 

What to look for; a shoe whose sole has been made using materials that provide comfort, provide stability, are durable, and do not make the shoe feel heavy.  

4. The midsole 

The midsole are the material between the upper and outsole. It serves the purpose of holding feet together and preventing the runner from any hits. 

What to look for; a midsole whose material is good and has perfect thickness. It ensures that it is not too tight when you are running or makes the shoe feel heavier. 

5. Sock liner 

It refers to the pad of foam inside the shoe that acts as a cushion to the bottom of your foot. It is usually smooth and provides step-in comfort. 

What to look for; a sock liner that is not too soft, but rather one that enables the foot to provide support on its own giving comfort while running. 

6. Ankle collar 

The ankle collar is the area at the top of the shoe opening that holds the heel in place. In some shoes, thick material is used, while others do not have the additional material. 

What to look for; after putting on the shoe, check whether your heel slips and whether the curve at the back causes some discomfort or irritation.  

How to choose good running shoes

These shoes are usually designed with technological features to aid in running. They are designed in such a way to help in the prevention of injury or any harm. An excellent running shoe provides perfect cushioning to absorb any shock and additional features to help you run without encountering any difficulty. In addition, the adidas Yeezy shoes could provide you all the basic features that you may be looking for in running shoes.

Obtaining the right fit

Your fit is a very crucial factor to put in mind when buying a running shoe. A fitting shoe enables you to run well without any problem, but on the contrary, a shoe that does not fit makes running a hard and can result to strain-related injuries such as plantar fasciitis. 

Knowing the pay

Each shoe comes along its price. A shoe with a higher price tag means that it is made using more technology and thus contains comfortable features. The price factor doesn't necessarily mean that you have to buy the most expensive shoe available, but rather the one you can afford, as long as it is of good quality. 

Choosing the right type of running shoe

Shoes are made bearing in mind that they are going to be used for specific purposes. It is always wise to choose your perfect shoe based on the running you want to engage in and the aim, which might be weight loss or training for competitions. Some of the shoes include:

  • For lightweight, high-cushion running shoes, Nike Crossfit Shoes are best.
  • Every day running shoe- the regular shoe 
  • Trail running shoe- this is best used for running on the dirt 


It is always essential to consider certain factors and features before buying a shoe. A careful look into the aspects ensures that you find the perfect shoe that will fit and satisfy you according to the intended purpose. Fantastic athletic shoes worn with comfortable activewear give you more confidence and motivation to get fit.