Facebook Twistically Merged Instagram DM to Messenger

Facebook Twistically Merged Instagram DM to Messenger

Mark Zuckerberg has been sharing his thoughts and plans to merge his top-performing social media apps (Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp). The Facebook team just started the process by twistically merging the two big social media messaging options that are available in the form of Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM features. Now they will be transparently available on the messenger app, making it easier for Inst users and FB users to talk to friends and followers on one platform and do more, save time and be more active on chats.

Announcing this news, Facebook shared some of the screenshots of how messenger will get access to Instagram and how DMs will become chat-messages:

Facebook Twistically Merged Instagram DM to Messenger

A lot of messenger-inspired features will be available in this new update and some of them are:

  • Changing background color for chats
  • Sending reaction with emojis
  • Watching videos with fans and friends
  • Send auto disappearing messages

As you can see that the default Instagram DM feature was not that excited as Messenger is and Facebook hasn't been updating it, the reason could be they were working to bring all the messenger-features to the Instagram Direct Messaging feature and make it a cross-platform messaging app.

Instagram Messaging Controls

However, as some of the Instagram and Facebook users will not be comfortable with this feature, Facebook will allow them to opt-out of this feature and use Facebook Messenger for friends at Facebook app only. An Instagram user who doesn't want to get messenger messages on Instagram DM could also turn off this feature directly from Instagram.

This is why we said that Facebook twistically merged Instagram DMs to Messenger Chats and it's not just this one update, but a lot is happening with these social media apps and Facebook is planning to do the same thing with Whatsapp users too.

They will surely allow Whatsapp users to merge or link their Messenger and DMs with Whatsapp making the three major social media networks work as one and build the biggest audience network for everyone.

Another exciting feature is the “Safety Notices” that will surely help you to report and get rid of suspicious messages that you don't want to see in your chats. You will be able to use this feature for IG DMs and FB Messenger Chats also.

Safety Notices Feature for Chats

Mark Zuckerberg also posted a walkthrough video of this cross-platform feature that is the first step of merging major social networks to build a wider and strong social network that is privacy focused and private.