Apple To Introduce New iPhone Models on October 13 Online Event

Apple To Introduce New iPhone Models on October 13 Online Event

Apple will hold an online presentation on October 13, 2020, at which the iPhone 12 lineup of smartphones is expected to be launched. It was first announced on Tuesday by the online news portal The Verge.

UPDATE: In addition to the new iPhone models, on October 13 Hi, Speed event, the announcement of full-size headphones, a HomePod mini speaker, as well as a new Apple TV (possibly more features and increase screen ratio), AirPower wireless charging, and Apple's AirTag is expected

We all have been waiting for the past few weeks and the time has arrived that Apple has finally revealed the final date for the announcement of the whole new iPhone 12 line of smartphones.

There are a few rumors that suggest at least one of the devices in the iPhone 12 product line will be equipped with a new 3D scanning system giving the new device a 4 rear-cameras edge.

In mid-September, Apple has already unveiled the updated Apple Watch, the eighth generation of the iPad tablet computer, and the updated iPad Air. The event was held in video format due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Apple will hold a presentation on October 13, at which the iPhone 12 line of smartphones is expected to be presented. It was announced on Tuesday by The Verge and the online event will be held under the motto “Hi, speed”.

According to the assumptions of the specialized media, the design of Apple's new iPhone 12 will be similar to that of the latest iPads: sharper corners, flat edges, screens without roundness around the perimeter.

The new presentation, like the previous two (WWDC 2020 and the autumn one with the announcement of Apple Watch Series 6 and the new iPad Air), will be held online - the company is still not ready to invite journalists to an offline meeting due to the coronavirus pandemic, 9to5Mac reports.

Judging by the leaks of Apple products, the iPhone 12 line will consist of four models:

  1. iPhone 12 mini
  2. iPhone 12
  3. iPhone 12 Pro
  4. iPhone 12 Pro Max

According to The Verge, the smartphone will have a new design, it will be able to support fifth generation (5G) mobile communications as well as a significant upgrade of the main camera.

Apple has sent out invitations to journalists for the presentation of new gadgets, which will be held on October 13, reports Reuters.

Founded in 1976, Apple is one now of the largest companies in the world. Its market capitalization is currently approaching $2 trillion.