200+ Private Story Names: Cool, Funny & New Ideas!

As you can create three types of Snapchat stories Public, Normal, and Private. The best of these categories is a private story feature on Snapchat that lets you choose the audience of the story you want to post.

That’s something like hiding your secret stuff in snaps and choosing who can view it. In case you are already aware of this and using Snapchat’s private story feature, here we have something unique for you.

Here we are sharing with you over 200+ new ideas for all topics that are related to private story names. These are unique and never used before Snapchat private story name ideas that we brainstormed for you and you can further personalize them.

Private Story Names (2024): 200+ New Ideas for Cool, Funny, Creative, Stoner and more Topics.

We categorized the private story names 2024 with different topics for boys and girls and the topics our audience is searching for on the internet. We did in-depth research to find these topics and came up with creative, funny, awesome, catchy, cool, and best private story name ideas that will surely make you happy.

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Here are 200+ private story names that are new and you can read, check and select the name idea for your Snapchat story, private or public:

Best Private Story Names

Here are 30+ best private story name ideas that you may find helpful to name your new Snapchat private story:

  1. Last Seen
  2. Behind the Scenes
  3. VIP Access
  4. Inner Circle
  5. Secret Society
  6. Eyes Only
  7. My Life, My Rules
  8. No Filter
  9. Stay Woke
  10. Hush Hush
  11. Eyes on Me
  12. Keep It 100
  13. Exclusive Access
  14. For Your Eyes Only
  15. Private Life
  16. Hidden Gems
  17. Real Talk
  18. Top Secret
  19. My Confessions
  20. Private Diary
  21. My Squad
  22. Strictly Business
  23. Just Between Us
  24. My World
  25. Not for Everyone
  26. Safe Haven
  27. My VIPs
  28. The Inner Sanctum
  29. Inside My Mind
  30. My Personal Space
  31. Limited Access
  32. Here from X

Wait, here's another list of most favorite and newly handcrafted private story names that nobody is using but they are familiar and eye-catching with a great meaning inside. Check now:

  1. My Day Diary
  2. A Few Hours Before
  3. Scoopy Doby
  4. Insider Vlogs
  5. Only for VIPs
  6. Gang of Brands
  7. The Life Daily
  8. Old Flex
  9. Sharing for Everyone
  10. Keeping it with You
  11. A Beautiful Life
  12. The sky is My Home
  13. Bloopers of the Day
  14. Snap Games
  15. Gaming Is All
  16. Unfiltered Life
  17. Series to Post
  18. The Last Snap

Remember, you can always choose a private story name that reflects your personality and interests on Snapchat. So keep on reading for more ideas:

Funny Private Story Name Ideas

Funny Private Story Name Ideas, funny private story names, funny private story name, private story names funny, private story name funny

If you want to break jokes and let your private story audience laugh out loud, you can choose some of the best and most creative private story names that are too funny to let your viewers understand what you are going to post:

  1. Making You Lough
  2. Hilarious Shots
  3. Funky Ideas
  4. Trending Memes
  5. LMAO Once Again
  6. Hash That Idiot
  7. Laughing Reacts Only
  8. Those School Bullies
  9. I Am Serious!
  10. Tell Me Your Name
  11. Comfort Zone
  12. Toons And Teens
  13. Memes Panda
  14. Backstage Babies
  15. 50 Shades of My Story
  16. The Only 007
  17. Among Us (a wolf)
  18. Last Morning and Today
  19. This Happened To Me
  20. Let’s Make Some Noise
  21. Quaranteen is Fun
  22. Milf On The Floor
  23. Goddamn Funny
  24. Simply Funny
  25. I for Fans!
  26. Not for You
  27. Hi? Check Me.
  28. Private, So Private
  29. Bathtub Thoughts
  30. Homecoming Jokes
  31. Tuff of Grounds
  32. Chile on Sauce
  33. Pepper Stories
  34. My Booty Shakes
  35. Touch that Belly
  36. What’s on The Floor?
  37. Hookup Screens
  38. Dipping Queen
  39. Lost Santa
  40. The Only Joker
  41. Brilliant Barber
  42. Hacking Your Mind
We created these funny private story names and updated the existing ones for you so that you can have more new names. Let's read below for other lists.

Dark Humor Private Story Names

If you love dark humour, here we have some of the best dark humor private story names for you, these are the new and unique Snapchat dark humor private story names:

  1. Ghost Of Nights
  2. Darkest Days Here
  3. Holloween is Falling
  4. Let Me Be Funny
  5. Darkest Nights Fallout
  6. Lost In Fun
  7. Gangs of Gun
  8. London Dreams
  9. Black Comedy on SC
  10. Panther Of Days
  11. Chillness Fired
  12. Black Humour Stories
  13. Hoe Private Stories
  14. Prince Of Darkness
  15. Bored Stories
  16. Jokes Apart SC
  17. Dark Comedy Today
  18. Morbid Humor of Today
  19. Lonely Ladies
  20. Gallows Humor Guy
  21. National Humor
  22. Mirror Mirror On The Wall
  23. Last Stories
  24. Dark Humour Thoughts
  25. Garbage Ideas
Don't hurt people, just post what you think is possibly the best for dark humor. Go choose your private story name now.

Offensive Private Story Names

Offensive Private Story Names, offensive private story name idea, very offensive private story names

Many Snapchat users love to name their private stories with offensive words, so here we have some really very offensive private story names ideas for you:

  1. F** You Bro
  2. Don't Challenge Me
  3. I Am That Guy
  4. Will Do It Right Now
  5. That Ass, Wow
  6. F**k Off Man
  7. Who's that Bitch?
  8. I Don't Give A...
  9. Insulting Bitches
  10. Beware, I am Here
  11. Not Today Satan
  12. Rude To Dudes
  13. Hurtful Stories
  14. Dreams Of Hell
  15. Wounding Hearts
  16. Invading Trends
  17. Last Social Star
Just say whatever comes to your mind, and choose an offensive private story name from the above list.

Slutty Private Story Names

Feeling slutty? here we have a list of some really slutty private story name suggestions that can help you to do some romance with your audience:

  1. Only For Lovers
  2. I am for everyone
  3. Derogatory is Love
  4. Love Is Everywhere
  5. Waiting for that thing
  6. Hungry For You
  7. Come I Seeing You
  8. That's For You
  9. No, No Regrets
  10. Lets Play Together
  11. Having Fun At Night
  12. Slutty For All
  13. Unknown Princess
  14. Queens Of Lust
  15. Lonely Lovers
  16. Ready in an hour

Equestrian Private Story Names

Love to ride horses? well, horse riding is the oldest skill, game, and hobby for mankind and is the best of all. Here's a list of some awesome equestrian private story names so you can choose your own favorite:

  1. My Black Horse
  2. CowGirl on A Horse
  3. That's how I ride
  4. Equestrian Stories On SC
  5. Horses And Humans
  6. Jokey Lovers Only
  7. Riding In The Morning
  8. Playing With My Horse
  9. Horses Here
  10. Horse Riding Stories
  11. My Horse Did Snapchat
  12. Sun Socking Games
  13. Let He Run
  14. Riding Like a Queen
  15. The Last Riders

Alcohol Private Story Names

Drinking is not a good habit, but having an alcoholic name for your private story is better:

  1. Drinking Is Cool
  2. Alcoholic Girls
  3. I Drink For Life
  4. Alcoholic Guys
  5. Drinking From Drum
  6. Last Drinks Here
  7. Dancing Cocktails
  8. Sip It, Fake It
  9. Lost in the bottle
  10. Shots of Joy
  11. Drunkey Bunkey
  12. Mashing With DJ
  13. Lost On The Floor
  14. Wine Stories on SC

Spiritual Private Story Names

Religion is everything to everyone and here we have some really spiritual private story names that you can use on your Snapchat account without any thinking:

  1. Only Good Posts
  2. Inner Peace
  3. Sacred Stories
  4. Holy Hacks
  5. Lets Pray Together
  6. Islam Is Love
  7. Religious Grounds
  8. World Is Beautiful
  9. Paradise Lost
  10. Being Humans
  11. Only Happiness
  12. Let's Pray Now

Drinking Private Story Names

Well, drinking is not good, still you can go for a creative name:

  1. Drinking With Friends
  2. Water Is Pure
  3. Coke For Everyone
  4. Drinks Are Not Healthy
  5. I Love This Drink
  6. Drinking Queens
  7. Colorful Drinks
  8. General Drinking Tips
  9. Shh, Let's Drink
  10. Night Of Drinking

Stoner Private Story Names

Stoner Private Story Names, stonehead private story names, stoner private story name idea

Potheads stoners are everywhere and they tend to show up on every 2nd street. Here we have some really fascinating stoner private story name ideas for you:

  1. Dreaming After Drink
  2. Living on Edge
  3. Rehab Of World
  4. Get Rid Of Stoners
  5. Being A Stoner
  6. I Need That W
  7. Sick Of This
  8. High On Weed
  9. Shooting The Frames
  10. No Smoking Days
  11. Isolating For Good
  12. Happy With Cigars
  13. Stoner Of The Year

Equine Private Story Names

Nothing more but just another list for the riders:

  1. My Equine HEHE
  2. What An Animal
  3. Riding To Roads
  4. Love Of Animals
  5. Horses Of Pride
  6. Bames Parlor
  7. Paradise Horses
  8. Dictator's Horse
  9. Lonely? Lets Ride
  10. Riding Today, Pics Here
  11. World Is Ground

Zodiac Private Story Names

Love stars and astrology? you will love these great zodiac story name ideas that will suit your star name also:

  1. Angels Of Hands
  2. Handlines Say Something
  3. My Wild Dreams
  4. I Am A Star
  5. Shining Above Skies
  6. Destiny Destined
  7. 12 Types Of Snaps
  8. Snapchat Zodiac Stories
  9. Coolest Predictions
  10. Future Of Yours

Dirty Private Story Names

Love to share some latest photos and videos with a dirty private story name on Snapchat? read them below:

  1. Grooming Of Me
  2. See Through Pics
  3. Unwashed Sex Stories
  4. Seduced To Eat
  5. Vulgar Outfits
  6. Dirty Joker
  7. Shh, Just Check It
  8. Who's That Bastard?
  9. I Know, I Post
  10. Virtual World Of Stories

Horse Private Story Names

Simply a list to choose a SC private story name for your love of horses:

  1. Wild Horses
  2. I Love My Horse
  3. My Green Grounds
  4. Polo Masters
  5. Lonely With Horse
  6. Riders Of Night
  7. Brilliant Games
  8. Running Races
  9. Pure Series on SC
  10. Donkey Horse Cup

Rude Private Story Names

Someone is behaving with you and you are rude or someone else is rude on you? why not create a private a private story on this topic? here's a list of some rude private story names to help you with:

  1. Bad Mannered Guy
  2. I Have A Bad Habit
  3. Bad Mannered Girl
  4. Unpleasant Moments
  5. Sudden Clicks
  6. I Am Not Your Servant
  7. Under My Foot
  8. I Will Broke It
  9. Got To Do This
  10. Hell Yeah Clicks

Underrated Private Story Names

Many times, people underrate some things and here's a list of private story names that are being underrated by many:
  1. The Last Hope
  2. Those Who Blame
  3. Curious Of Today
  4. News Updated Bro
  5. Great Lines To Share
  6. Haunted In Love
  7. Be With Shine
  8. You're Best Dad Ever
  9. Zazzle Dazzle
  10. Love Birds
  11. Lonely Nights on SC
  12. Deepest Sensation
  13. However, We Quit
  14. Dawn of Nothing
  15. Baddest Sensation

Inappropriate Private Story Names

That looks inappropriate on you? that words are inappropriate for that person? why not do an inappropriate private story with such names?

  1. Glitch Bitch
  2. Not Your Bro Here
  3. Go Get A Life
  4. Fk Off Idiot
  5. Most Useless Friends
  6. Soon To Be Delivered
  7. Relaunched Rockets
  8. Always Up At Morning
  9. Is That Your V?
  10. Tight Thicks
  11. I would love to get laid
  12. Are you free tonight?
  13. Can a I come to you? yes that U.
  14. Insane But I'm
  15. Maybe, Tonight?

Bad Private Story Names

Some bad private story names can make your day? here's a list of them:
  1. I don't give a damn
  2. I Don't Follow
  3. Don't You See My D?
  4. Lonely Not Free
  5. Badass Guys
  6. Private Story Of Nuts
  7. Stories Not For Sharing
  8. My Lovely BBs
  9. Wonders Of My Head
  10. Brutal Clicks
  11. Poped Balloons
  12. Crushed Stomach
  13. That BBC was smooth
  14. Lonely but hungry

Sad Private Story Names

Being sad is not a good thing but sometimes it is privilege to do something extraordinary, here's a list of some sad private story names for you:
  1. Why always me?
  2. They Hate Me
  3. No Feelings Of Love
  4. Sorrowful Nights
  5. God Don't Love Me
  6. Unhappy With You All
  7. Regretful Life
  8. Depressed To End
  9. Glum Stories
  10. Woeful Of Me
  11. Mournful Moments
  12. Broken From Heart
  13. I am The Only One
  14. This Happened Again

Good Private Story Names

As we shared a list of some really good private story names earlier, this is another great list to help you find a good private story name for you:

  1. One Last Idea
  2. Unleashing Happiness
  3. The Daily Cast
  4. Motivational Quotes
  5. Best Of Today
  6. Lets Grow Together
  7. Being Happy Everafter
  8. Learning Everyday
  9. Graveyard Of Legends
  10. The Guru Updates
  11. Good Thoughts Only
  12. Mom, You Are Nothing Short of Amazing
  13. Inspiration Inside
  14. The Futuristic Hub
  15. Here After You
  16. Most Awaited Snaps
  17. Let Me Reveal Everything
  18. You Can Watch Me Dance
  19. Nothing To Hide

Freaky Private Story Names

Here we have added some of the best and most freaky private story names 2024 for you all:
  1. Abnormal Times
  2. Freaky Fridays
  3. Curious Buddies
  4. Strange Lions
  5. Odd Moments
  6. Fishy Friends
  7. Coincidence Of Life
  8. Bizzare Pics
  9. Not Your Common Story
  10. Snap Story Dads
  11. Deviant Clicks

Cool Private Story Names

Wanna be a fool? oh, I mean Cool on SC? You can just pick one cool private story name idea from the list below and let your followers see your coolness:

  1. Elite Life
  2. Riding My Horse
  3. Girls from Heaven
  4. Hotel Vibes
  5. Dirty Ice Cube
  6. Lovely Profession
  7. Homie Shomie
  8. Only VIPs Allowed
  9. Paid Stories
  10. Home Vibes
  11. My Recommendations
  12. What do I Buy today?
  13. My Last Day
  14. Hottest Summers
  15. About Today
  16. Keeping Up With Lisa
  17. Night-club Fiesta
  18. Girls Who Love
  19. Spam Team
  20. Nightfall Club
  21. Dancing To Songs
  22. Meet Me Now
  23. Are You Happy?
  24. Embrace Your Win
  25. Chilling In The Ocean
  26. Fresh Flyers
  27. Coolest Buddies Ever
  28. This Called Friendship
  29. Great To Be With You
  30. Warmest Children
  31. Laugh Of Love
  32. Happiest Person On Earth

Cool Private Story Names for Girls

We forgot to include this list, here are some of the best and unique Snapchat story name ideas for girls:

  1. Love Of Decades
  2. Home Sweet Home
  3. Some Me Time
  4. Dirty Girl
  5. Just Snapping Around
  6. Lonely Lioness
  7. Princess Here
  8. Hate Stories
  9. Broken Angel
  10. Curvy and Lovely
  11. Heart Hacker
  12. We Are Queens
  13. Eyes Of Heaven
  14. Ready Today
  15. Wild World
  16. Pride Of Papa
  17. Baby Boss
  18. Riding As A Queen

Cool Private Story Names for Boys

Yes, we are late, but this list of cool private story names for boys is also updated with only unique and perfect ideas:

  1. Gaming Around
  2. Retired King
  3. Dog for Monkeys
  4. Lost Guys
  5. Plethora of Fun
  6. Heck That
  7. 7 Shades of Social
  8. Team Snaps
  9. Fun From Funkers
  10. No Bullies Here
  11. Just Rolling
  12. I Am Jack Of All Trades
  13. Let Me J
  14. Vine Of The Day
  15. I Don’t Drink
  16. Those Gated Guys
  17. Praying For You
  18. I Know It All
  19. Some Magic Here
  20. Wild Heroes
  21. Random Vibes
  22. Just 2 Liners
  23. Free for You
  24. What Can I Hide?
  25. Boss Of The Kings

We will keep this list of 200+ private story names updated for Snapchat with new ideas and suggestions that we will be adding every month to make sure you get something unique on your very next visit to this page.

So now you can create any kind of Snapchat private story with the naming ideas listed above or watch the how-to video below once:

What is a Private Snapchat Story?

Straightforward answer: Snapchat Private Story is a social media feature in the Snapchat app to upload videos and photos as private stories that can be viewed by people you allow. These stories disappear after 24 hours automatically and you can delete them before the expiry time.

Snapchat is a social media app where people can post stories and make friends to chat and even meet those friends in a real world or just keep on chatting with friends and increase followers on their profiles to be a social media sensation.

Snapchat offers a private story option that snapchat users can enable for free and create private stories that they can show to the select followers (snapchat users) they would like. Snapchat users create private stories to share something with a select number of people such as their family members, friends and colleagues. This helps them to share a video or photo with people they can trust. 

There are 3 Types of Snapchat Stories

Snapchat provides three type of Snapchat stories and here's a short description about each of them:

  • My stories: You can use it to upload a 24-hour expiring story
  • Public stories: You can add them for public viewing
  • Private stories: This is a story type that you can use to send a private story to your selected contacts

Every Snapchat user can create any of these stories at any given time and even delete them before their automatic 24-hour expiry time.

What Should I Name My Private Story?

Well, naming your private story on Snapchat is totally up to you, you can choose any name even if it is just ABC or 123. There are no strict rules by Snapchat for naming. However, picking a catchy and memorable name would help you engage your viewers.

You should pick a name that's perfectly fit for the content of your private stories and you can read our lists above to easily pick one.

Still need more information? read below:

Over 40+ Unique Private Story Names — Infographic

private story names, private story name ideas, private story names list, snapchat private story names

Download and save this Infographic or share it with your friends (please do it with proper credit to us).

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Custom Enamel Pin with Your Story Name

How to Make a Private Story on Snapchat

This video on how to create a private story on Snapchat app will walk you through the exact steps for uploading a private story and naming your story:

Here are some Snapchat Private Story FAQs to help you understand what is this feature in Snapchat and how to use it properly.

How to add or change who can view your private Snapchat story?

In Snapchat, you can add and change "Who Can View" your private stories with a feature about assigning viewing privileges. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the Snapchat app > go to your profile.
  2. Tap the Settings > Go to the "Who Can…" tab.
  3. Select "View My Story."
  4. Select from three choices: Everyone, Friends Only, and Custom.
  5. To save the changes, tap on the "Back" button.

You can also view your existing list of private story viewers from your Snapchat friend list. However, if you decide at some point to make these stories public, then you must understand that in order for people to like your stories, they must be exciting. And if it's just a video with a "talking head", then at least this story should have subtitles so the viewer can watch the story without sound.

To add subtitles to the video, you can initially add them yourself, or use apps and services, to make auto generated subtitles, since there are a lot of these services now.

How to make a good Snapchat private story name?

Mostly, it should be according to what you are going to upload. Like if you are posting about humor, your private story name should be relative to humor not drinking that's what makes a good private Snapchat story name. To make sure more of your selected friends view your private story, you should pick a catchy private story name, and to bring unique ideas, you can check our list of private story names.

Can people see what you name your private story on Snapchat?

No, not everyone in your friends list can view or see what you name your private story. Only the selected contacts that you have added to your private story can see the name of it. Others will never know even you have any private story or not.

Can others see who’s on your private story?

No, nobody can see who’s on your private story and even the people you added to your private story will not be able to see the names of other members of your private story.

Did You Know?

You can share these stories any time, no matter what your watch displays, using your smartphone and Snapchat and they will disappear automatically after 24 hours. However, you can always delete a story (if you want) at any time.

Just stay with us and keep visiting this page.