Dry Cappuccino - What is it?

Dry Cappuccino - What is it?

Coffee is a representation of one's personality. No two people have the same coffee preference for taste, texture, sweetness, and bitterness. For some, cappuccino is their best coffee choice, and even cappuccino comes in other variations—wet, dry, iced, traditional, and flavored

With billions of coffee cups consumed daily, we bet half of that is an espresso-based beverage like a latte or the famous cappuccino. Since it's traditionally prepared with steamed milk, people start to modify the measurements to meet unique taste preferences. 

Does Dry Cappuccino Taste Better?

As a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast, you need to be au fait with the world of coffee, various brewing methods, and the trending topic that sets the world of coffee apart into sophistication and style. The cappuccino is not an exemption, and dry cappuccino is gaining more popularity.

How do you differentiate a 'bone dry cappuccino' among the rest? What if a friend asked one or you want to impress someone with extra know-how of the process? The trick is knowing it's basic similarities from the traditional ones and to have more information about Dry Cappuccino preparations, techniques, and practical methods of serving this coffee beverage like a professional barista. 

The precise measurement is what sets various coffee drinks apart from the rest. The traditional capp has equal measures of an espresso-based, frothed milk, and steamed milk. The balanced taste of this flavor paves its way to popularity. 

Dry cappuccino is another variant you may or may never heard about. It's the product of continuous experimentation, and a new taste was discovered. 

  • Wet cappuccino and dry cappuccino vary with the amount of steamed milk in it. The 'wet' cappuccino has an espresso-based coffee with a generous amount of steamed milk and thin layers of foamy on top of it. 
  • Dry cappuccino, on the other hand, offers the same espresso-based coffee, less amount of steamed milk, and a generous top layer of foamy milk. It's called dry capp due to less amount of milk compared to traditional and wet cappuccinos.
  • Bone dry cappuccino is another variant of cappuccino. It begins with the traditional espresso-based coffee and adding a generous layer of foamy milk on top. The absence of milk renders the drink as 'bone dry.'
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How To Prepare A Dry Cappuccino?

As every coffee drink evolves, so does cappuccino. Preparing a dry cappuccino is easier. Here's how to make one at home or differentiate it with the rest of the variants. 

You need to prepare your ingredients first together with a good-quality espresso maker. Then follow this easy guide.

  1. Prepare one to two shots of espresso on your coffee maker. Pour on your favorite cup and leave it on the side while you prepare the milk.
  2. With your milk pitcher, fill it up with your desired milk. Leave at least 1/3 of its way to allow milk expansion.
  3. Submerge the steam wand and turn your espresso machine. You'll notice the milk rising and becoming extra foamy.
  4. Move your milk pitcher up and down until you get the perfect foamy consistency you like.
  5. Steam your milk for about 150°F.
  6. You can use a spoon to block the foam while pouring the milk on the cup with espresso.

How To Prepare An Excellent Bone Dry Cappuccino

Bone dry capp is almost the same as cry cappuccino. The ingredients used with dry capp and bone dry are similar. It would help if you had a good-quality espresso machine. Then try these easy steps: 

  1. Start steaming your desired milk. Use the steam wand from the espresso maker.
  2. Heat your milk into the pan and wait until bubbles start to form. 
  3. Remove the milk pitcher from the heat to prevent it from boiling.
  4. When the milk is warm enough, you can start creating the foam. Continue frothing your milk until a fair amount of fluffy foam is achieved. 
  5. Set the frothed milk on the side.
  6. Prepare your espresso shot and pour it into your preferred cappuccino cup.
  7. Take the frothed milk and generously layer on top of your espresso shot until your favorite cup is well covered. 
  8. Take a sip and enjoy it!

You can also create foam arts by adding some powdered chocolate on top.


It may sound complicated, and all but the truth is, dry, wet, or bone dry cappuccino is more comfortable to prepare with a good-quality espresso machine, the right ingredients, and a little bit of art.

Dry cappuccino is another variant of the famous capp but with less steamed milk, more foam, and a heart filled with magical creations.