How to Name a Blog (5 Working Methods) + 30 Blog Name Ideas

How to Name a Blog (5 Working Methods) + 30 Blog Name Ideas

Looking to name a blog? have you ever did it yourself? or you seek help from others to do it for you?

As we know that naming a blog is not an easy task and when you are new, you really can't choose a perfect blog name just by generally thinking. We agree that you are more than intelligent, but it takes exact vision, proved formulas, tried and tested techniques that made up a blog name that you won't regret after a few months or years of blogging.

So, to come up with a blog name idea that will never stop you from scaling up or turning it to a true brand. We will focus on things that will help you to generate an idea for boosting your confidence, motivating you, and helping you to build the biggest blog on a selected niche or go as the general-topic blog that covers almost every topic.

The choice is all yours.

Just before making it to the real deal, check what we have for you in view of educating you to be more creative and think like a professional blogger before giving a name to your blog.

Some Questions to Answer Before Naming a Blog:

Before reading the answer to your question "How to Name a Blog" read what you should understand, keep in mind, and know before actually getting your hands dirty in finding the perfect blog name.

Q 1. What Is Your Niche?

Tapping into an industry requires the base work, you have to build your base first to compete with the giants and when you are unknown to a selected niche for your blog plus don't know how to find a blog niche, you can't even pick a relevant blog name, then how could you climb those big mountains of competitors?

You can check the below screenshot of how blog is focusing on teaching the Korean language to anyone in 90 days and they are best at this:

Yes, they are teaching how to learn the Korean language and they have the same thing in their domain name, which attracts visitors to visit their website first and check what they have as an interesting thing.

Q 2. Who Is Your Reader?

How could one come up with a blog name without knowing his audience? nobody can. This is the number one question that you should ask yourself before going to research for a unique blog name idea. Knowing your audience will give you the edge over other bloggers.

For example, is a blog that's all about how to draw and paint from scratch to colored cartoons which kids and students love to explore online:

On this blog, all you can find is just the painting-related content and they focus on drawing. Yes, that's how you should think, before naming your blog, know what you are going to provide them so that you can understand who is your reader.

Q 3. What Type Of Content You Will Publish?

From having a unique writing style to picking a perfect blog writing tone, you have to also select a type of content and blog around it. Just like some blogs such as Listverse always publish listicles (top 10 topics) and SoundCloud is there with the audio content only. You also need to select a type of content.

Just check how transformed wiki-articles into how-to-articles and they are earning a handsome monthly income from publically edited articles that are available for almost every topic:

You can simply check out some blog post ideas and choose one that reflects your niche and that you think could help your audience understand your content easily.

Q 4. When Leveling Up, Does Blog Name Matter?

After a few years, if you have been blogging nicely and focusing on giving quality content to your readers, there will be a time when you will think about leveling up. Like adding a product or making a whole new brand around your blog. That time could hit you hard when you have an ugly blog name, that's when you will realize why you haven't read this guide. So, make sure you are giving attention to this factor too.

Not just the branding or going up, you may also hate it when you are done with writing about a micro niche and now you need to talk about other broad niches but your blog name is not allowing you.

For example, if you have a blog name like, and you are done with related topics, now you want to level up and write about how to sing or how to organize an event? will you do it on this blog? probably your audience will hate this move.

So, always pick a name that could be easily used for various topics and doesn't stop you to make a brand out of your blog.

Top 5 Ways to Name a Blog

In this section of how to name a blog guide, we will discuss and tell you the top 5 quick and completely working methods that help you name a blog easily and professionally.

1. Use Alliteration (Initial Rhyme) Words

This might sound a crazy idea when generating a unique blog name, but it's really worth the time and effort you may put into joining and combining same-sounding words. Yes, alliteration means using the same sounding or same letter words to make a name. You can also make a whole new and unique name by the same letter for the beginning of adjacent and here are some examples to back your ideas:

  • PayPal (same sound, same letter)
  • CocaCola (same sound, same letters)
  • Dunkin' Donuts (different sound, same letter)

All it takes the approach of how you use two words to make one word that looks like a brand or a company with a meaning (obviously).

2. Use Your Own Name

Forgoing straight forward, this option could be the best choice for personal blog names. Yes, every personal blog should have the domain name on its author's and it makes sense as your audience will be looking at it.

By default, people search for a person's name, and if they find a website on that person's name with any TLDe (top level domain extension) such as .com, .net, or .me, they quickly navigate to it think that it will be the personal blog or site of that particular person.

Even I have a personal blog at (however I don't update it regularly).

There might be an issue when you have a common name. Like when your name is John Smith, you can't find a perfect domain name. In this situation, I recommend you to add a prefix or suffix to your domain name and go for:


The list goes on, you can choose your favorite one and start blogging on your personal blog with a catchy blog name.

3. Try Thesaurus Or Related Words

Before touching your mind to think what's this thesaurus means, you should go and check and find some related words that will bring your brain some high quality thinking abilities. Here's the screenshot:

The above screenshot is captured for Health word on Thesaurus, this is how you can get an unlimited number of related words that have the same or relative meanings.

For choosing a clever blog name, you can rely on this tool as it gives you the synonyms, you can add them before or after your keywords and that's the perfect blog name idea for you.

If you think that thesaurus is not a good tool, you can check another great tool that will surely inspire you.

This tool is available for free at and here's what it does with our search query for Health word:

When used in combination, these two tools can professionally help you to name your blog and this is the perfect method.

4. Open A Book!

If you are a book lover, even if you are not, I recommend you to open an English-language book that's near to you. Yes, any book.

Open it from any page and read some lines, you can also do the manuscript read and find what's the unique word there. Try fixing the errors and if there's an error that looks good, pick that word.

You can also find some relative-to-your-niche ebooks online that are available to download for free, check them too.

5. Think About Some Abbreviations or Acronyms

As you know that acronyms help in making some unknown names to be a brand and become easily rememberable, as you can see NASA is the abbreviation of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the short name makes sense.

You can do the same with your blog's name, below is an example of IFLScience:

For example, if your select name is too long and it looks like "Easy Formula To Earn" you can easily make it short by using only the first letters of each word and it will become "EFTE".

What do you think? the will look nice or will do the trick?

Obviously, EFTE is a brandable and wonderful name that can be used for launching a blog, a product or even an international company.

How To Name A Blog (the perfect formula):

Have you ever heard of a blog naming formula? well, this is what pro-bloggers use to easily name a blog and do some brainstorming in just a few minutes. That's also how some freelancers are able to give you an unlimited number of blog name ideas for just $5 gigs. So, this is the time to reveal it to you. It's really very simple.

[keyword / main topic or idea] + [audience / purpose or random-words] = blog name

So, this is the formula, not its time to resolve it and help you use it for every new blog name idea you may need to generate.

Let's pick the main topic or a keyword, for example [Football or Soccer] and audience or a purpose, for example [Guides or News] and here are our blog names suggestions:

  • Football News Hub
    (Football from the main topic, News from the purpose and Hub as a random word)
  • KSA Soccer Guides
    (KSA from random words, Soccer from the keyword, and Guides from the audience)

This looks complicated, but it's a very easy way to generate unlimited numbers of unique, memorable, and new blog name ideas.

Just try for 3/4 times in a row.

How To Name A Blog (Infographic)

How To Name A Blog (Infographic)

We created this infographic to let you easily understand how to name a blog with tips and examples. You can share it with others (don't forget to give full credit to us) and you can print it out too.

30+ Blog Name Ideas

We understand how hard it is to find a blog name idea even if you know how to do it. That's why we have added a few unique and available to register blog names.

  1. Bucher's Lifelog
  2. That Is Food
  3. Finance Friends
  4. Loots Of Month
  5. Cents Of Scents
  6. Droom Darren
  7. Alisa Travels
  8. Elizabeth Tailoring Blog
  9. I Blog For A Living
  10. Lotus Of Tech
  11. Android Dad
  12. Apple Is Apple
  13. Yum Gum Dum
  14. Unique Bloggers
  15. Master Of Typing
  16. Sweet Toddler
  17. Stories Of Today
  18. National Dancers
  19. True, I Am Young
  20. Homemaking At Sea
  21. Design N Decor
  22. Motivate N Care
  23. Super Senses
  24. Hello History
  25. Marketing, What's That?
  26. Chef Sundays
  27. Perfect Trips
  28. Original Hunting
  29. Royal Fashions
  30. Wow Your Wows

We will be adding more and more new blog name ideas. Keep checking this list.