10 Profitable Blogging Niches for Making Money Online

10 Most Profitable Blogging Niches For Making More Money Online

Blogging is what we know and write on our personal websites and that makes sense when we write on a topic (in a niche).

Yes, this makes your readers return to your blog very often and engages them to read more blog posts.

But writing content in a category of selected topics or selecting a profitable blogging niche that is also easy to monetize for making huge profits is something not everybody can do easily.

So to hack into the blog niches that make the most money and get good traffic without working harder on factors such as SEO, Content, Technical Issues and so on, I decided to share a list of the top money making blog niches with you.

Without any further time wasting lines, I would love to begin the list:

What Is A Blog Niche?

A blog niche is the main category for which a blogger publishes content and covers the topics around that main category or selected industry.

On the other hand, a blog niche is not just a selection of some topics about an industry, it's about the needs of the blog readers. Some bloggers just start their blogs on their own names and they ask the audience or their friends to help them find relative topics on which they can write and publish blog posts.

That's how and why you should have a blog niche, as there are some profitable blog niches that can help you generate dollars even in low traffic and there are some blog niches that will drive more traffic but less revenue.

Best Blog Niches to Start a Blog Today

Well, there are some useful tips that I want to share with you. Before starting your blog it's better to know how it can make you earn more money and how it works.

First of all, how to find a perfect blog niche?

  • see around, what is trending?
  • find your passion
  • read other relative blogs
  • find what are the topics you are interested in reading most of the time
  • do a little work on market research

These are the easiest ways to find a perfect blogging niche to make money online.

However, here's a list of the 10 best blog niches to start a blog today and they will generate more traffic so earnings.)

1. Finance (Money Saving, Loans and More)

Finance is no doubt a big niche and taking it as a blog niche is so difficult for a novice blogger, as people often search finance related questions to find the legit and real answers that novice bloggers can't give them.

If you are just starting your blog and looking to help people with their finance-related questions then I must say that you should talk to a finance lawyer or firm and get some guidance.

With this niche, you will be able to earn a handsome income using Google Adsense as a monetization option for your blog.

As finance-related keywords have the highest CPC (cost per click) in every advertising network you will earn handsome income even on a few clicks per month.

I recommend you start a blog on personal finance and gradually take that to the next level, you select micro niches from finance niches such as:

  • Personal finance tips
  • Personal finance loans
  • Personal finance basics

And start posting about one subject so that you will never get bored.

2. Make Money (online earning methods and more)

Almost every blogger has a blog about this niche and they all talk about making money online or making money blogging.

This means the "make money" blog niche is really competitive, a new blogger has to test things and then start a make money niche related blog to do it you can create a free blog on Google's Blogger platform and then test how things work.

If you can write about your own (real) case studies of how you are earning money or successfully earned some dollars on a particular platform or with your own strategy, you can share that with your blog readers.

Case study related content for a make money niche blog will help you get a lot of traffic and free backlinks from authority websites that will boost your rankings in Google and make you a celebrity.

But, in this niche you can't copy content from other bloggers, you can test their strategies and then talk about your results but you can't just copy their content and re-write on your blog. This strategy will never work.

You can monetize make money niche blog with affiliate marketing platforms and sponsored content and also by creating your own products such as courses and online training classes.

3. Health (Eating Well, Habits and More)

A great and evergreen niche to make a blog around and make money while you sleep.

Yes, this is the most profitable blogging niche and almost 90% of the content will be evergreen so that you don't have to publish for years. You can just cover one topic and work on the blog to gain rankings in search results and do social media sharing for getting traffic.

After that the blog will be on autopilot, you will need to update some of the content or publish new articles after weeks or months.

How it is possible? Follow these steps:

  • Don't blog about all the health-related topics
  • Find a micro niche like fitness guides, gym guides, nutrition tips for pregnant women, etc
  • You can further broaden your niche selection and pick just one topic
  • Now find accurate information and research on the related topics that your niche should have
  • Write 20+ articles (pillar articles) with 2000+ words and highly researched information
  • Add photos, videos, and charts in your blog posts and provide links to relative resources

This way you will have a solid blog about a health-related micro niche that will be the authority on that topic.

Now you can do search engine optimization and social media marketing to gain initial traffic and then publish articles according to the comments of the readers and their feedback.

In just 6 months, you will have a blog working for you on autopilot and you can then also add a forum in your blog where readers will register and ask/answer their questions.

The website WebMD.com is a perfect example of this kind of health website but you have to cover one topic so don't copy WebMD strategy, just check it out and note the main points.

4. Fitness (Tips, Training and More)

As I mentioned that health is a really big niche for blogging and you should pick a micro niche to easily get your blog ranked and generate relative traffic that makes you money in minimum time.

Fitness is the 2nd largest niche from its main industry "health". Everybody is conscious of his/her fitness and body fats.

All humans want to get fit and they consistently search for the quickest ways to get fit, look younger or burn fat.

You can pick micro niches from fitness like gym training, nutrition for hair growth, and food for getting a slim belly and there are other ideas that you can generate or brainstorm easily.

The best way to get your fitness niche blog to work for you is to use the same strategy I have shared for the health-related blog.

5. Beauty (Reviews, Hacks and More)

Do you know any one person who doesn't want to look beautiful?

Probably nobody is here who can reject becoming beautiful, especially every woman who wants to look nice and young.

Despite age factors, every woman search for beauty tips, beauty products, and things they can do in their homes to look prettier.

Like them, you can start your beauty niche blog and this is also a 70% evergreen niche, when you are talking about how to make your lips big or how to color your hair, these topics are evergreen.

All you have to do is just write in-depth and complete guides on such topics. The CPC for such topics is also high as there are thousands of products for every beauty related thing.

You will easily get sponsored products and articles so that you can generate more money with this blogging niche even without using advertising platforms.

6. Technology (Tips, News and More)

What's new in that newly released smartphone? What the next iPhone will look like? what will be the new features of that Samsung Flagship model?

There are millions of such questions that people are searching for on a daily basis and plenty of news stories that you can cover in your blog posts.

Hundreds of topics like how to root an Android smartphone, how to unlock iCloud and the top 10 games in iOS, best camera and selfie apps.

The possibilities are endless in tech niche blogging. The more you can write the more you will earn in this niche and you can easily have a great readership when you can publish a few articles on a daily basis.

As tech lovers want more to read, they are not like people who are searching for fitness tips, they are quicker and they don't want to wait for even a second on your page.

You have to provide them with insights and useful information that they can read to solve their problems.

Tech-related blogs can earn money with advertising platforms, sponsored content, subscription, product selling (affiliate marketing) and almost every other monetization which is available in the market or your country.

7. Self Improvement

100% evergreen blogging niche and top of the most profitable blogging niches.

Self-improvement is a perfect niche to get started with your blogging career if you are a consultant, a teacher, a trainer or a motivational speaker, and even if you have some life lessons to share.

Don't worry if you have nothing to share from your experiences. You can still start a self-improvement blog.

Such blogs can have content published like how to tie a tie, how to wear a coat and how to speak so others will listen to you.

More topics like, how to start a conversation, how to look professional or why your looks matters are some of the ideas which you can utilize for your self-improvement niche blog.

This type of blogs can earn money online by selling courses, paid to consult, organizing paid ticket events and holding meet-ups.

8. Relationships (Couple Issues, Guides and More)

How to propose a girl? why guys are so shy? how to kiss? and there are thousands of other relationship related queries that people make on a daily basis.

They want quick solutions to their relationship problems such as divorce issues, family problems and much more.

This blogging niche is profitable and can help you learn the basics of relationships which you can even utilize in your own life.

You can work with direct ad-selling platforms to serve ads for dating sites and relationship experts on your blog which will be the best source of generating income from your blog.

Sponsored content like relationship guides and consultation with experts will be another way to make more money with your related niche blog.

9. Pets (Animal Care, Information and More)

Top pet food products, what a cat loves to eat, how to train your dog and there are millions of more search queries being made in Google and other platforms like Quora, Facebook and in real life.

You have to choose a micro niche for pet niche blogging so that you can easily generate some money and have less burden on you. You can select one animal and talk about everything related to having that animal as a pet.

There are hundreds of pet niche blogs that are making good money for their authors, you can read blogs like EntirelyPets.com, Dogster.com, and DogTipper.com to see what you should write about.

All I can say about pet niche blogging to make it more profitable is you should start publishing articles about just one animal like Dog or Cat and after covering at least 200+ articles on one pet you can start writing about the others.

People often search for Dogs, Cats, and Horses, so try to cover these animals in your first turn.

10. Education (Online Study, Courses and More)

Whether it is about online education or offline study material that you can make available online for the help of students. All of this comes under the umbrella of the education niche.

This blogging niche is growing rapidly today and everybody is jumping towards learning online and studying online for academic curriculum, short skills, mini degrees, certificates and more.

Many universities are already into online education success and thus, this niche is popping up and up. This is the right time to start an educational blog and find resources for students, answer their questions and help them to study online for free.

You can take an example from these top 5 educational blogs:

  • Edudemic
  • A Teacher's Life
  • Around the Corner v2
  • Bionic Teaching
  • CogDogBlog

Go ahead and you can search a micro niche using these blogs. Just pick a website from the above list and put that on an SEO tool to find keyword and micro niche opportunities for creating your own educational blog.

Every student loves to download freebies whether it is a book or an essay or question-answer PDFs and educational news.

Go and find your best niche in this newly trending blogging niche.

So, these are the top 10 most profitable blog niches that can help you generate more money on the same blogging efforts.