5 Ways to Generate Website Traffic with $0 in Marketing Budget

With a lot of traffic generating ideas already published on marketing and blogging related blogs, I don't want to fill this article with same basic things.

Instead, I will write about what has worked for me and what I think will work great for you in regards of generating website traffic with zero marketing budget.
5 Ways to Generate Website Traffic with $0 in Marketing Budget

As buying ads from Google Ads and Facebook Ads or some other platforms, we can easily get paid traffic and also conversions.

But for that, we have to spend at-least $100 and this will go into one time testing campaign.

So, instead of spending on these platforms, we can utilize other free methods of getting targeted traffic and drive conversions also.

Let me discuss about top 5 ways to generate website traffic with $0 in marketing budget:

1. Pinterest

One of the most amazing community platform on internet.

You can use it to get conversions, gain exposure, do branding, create a platform of long-term conversions and also create a community around your niche.

The steps:

  • Join Pinterest and Create your niche-based boards
  • Follow other users in your industry
  • Find and re-Pin what others are pinning
Keep on doing this and in 1/2 weeks you will have a great community around your pinterest account.

Now you can submit and pin your website and blog posts to gain some traffic and also use this account for getting conversions for your CPA (Cost Per Action) campaigns.

2. Viral Content

Why on 2nd spot?

Because it takes time, it takes hard work and also you have to do a massive research for each peace of content.

No doubts, that every viral type of content can get you tons of traffic and the fact is that traffic is not highly convertible.

However, our main goal is to generate traffic for free and don't spend a penny on marketing campaigns. This technique works like a champ.

The steps:

  • Note down your favorite ideas and topics in your niche
  • Use a keyword finder tool to generate more relative ideas
  • Now search those keywords in Google and note down the highly engaged articles
Don't start writing about them. Check a few more steps:
  • Use Google Trends tool to find out trending topics
  • Use Google News platform to find what's hot in the news
  • Use Twitter trends widget to find what people are talking about right now
Now you will have a set of most engaging topics and here's how you can write on them and go viral:
  • Pick a topic which is fresh and most engaging or present at Google News, Google Trends and Twitter Hashtags
  • Now create a turning headline and start writing about what the topic is about
  • Now embed some tweets about that content in the article
  • Use Google news sources and add more information
  • Pick a photo and credit the owner, then set that photo as featured image of the article
Publish the article and share on Twitter and Facebook.

Now use Facebook boost option or if you don't want to invest in this too, then try sharing that article in relative groups on Facebook.

3. Join Big Platforms

Platforms like ThriveGlobal.com, Entrepreneur.com and Forbes.com are the big media companies/publishing platforms available to join for free and talk about what you are expert in.

You can start applying for an author account on these platforms for free and they will happily allow you to publish your ideas.

The steps:

  • Create a portfolio of your recent write-ups
  • Create your personal blog/website and make it look professional
  • If you have sufficient Facebook page likes and Twitter followers then its okay to apply for these networks
  • Now go ahead and post some quality guest posts on your friends blogs and join roundup blog posts 

After creating your solid portfolio, you can go ahead and apply for the big publishing platforms and they will have no excuse.

You can then add your website link in Author bio section and also add your website links in relevant articles that you will write for that websites.

4. Quora 

This most exciting community of people who loves to ask and answer questions on every topic.

The best thing about Quora is "its an open platform, just like Twitter".

By open platform I mean to say that you can ask an answer and everybody else will see that or you can answer a question and every visitor to the Quora will see that answer.

The steps:

  • Join Quora.com and start completing your profile by adding your bio and website link
  • Now post questions related to your niche and industry
  • Don't keep on posting questions, try to answer relative questions and add your website link where it suites
Don't use Quora for link-building.

Use it for making a community around your account and have people trust on your answers. You can also invite experts to answer your questions, which will make an impact.

Most of the Quora questions are ranking high in Google SERPs and this is a sign that Quora needs only quality content and don't want people to fool the platform with link-building techniques.

5. Twitter Hashtags

Everybody use Twitter hashtags and knows how better they perform or how important they are.

But, most of the guys are still struggling through the steps on finding best hashtags that can drive traffic to their websites.

So the most amazing thing here is you can dive in and do a little research. Here's an example of how I use twitter hashtags:

  • When I write about a marketing related topic like "What Is Marketing?"
  • I choose to add simple and to the point hashtags like #marketing, #onlinemarketing, #digitalmarketing, #marketingguide #marketing101 and like that
You can add hashtags like this and on the other hands if you are writing about any viral topic, the best way to utilize hashtag feature is by placing those trending hashtags in your tweets.

You can simply find trending hashtags by searching about your topic on Twitter and check hashtags which most of the people are posting in their tweets.

So, what is the best way you are generating your website traffic? tell me in the comments and if you are looking for more tips then stay tuned. Thanks!