The Pain Of Waste During The Parcel Process

The Pain Of Waste During The Parcel Process
Warehouses are often littered places. They have so many things going on at once that there is bound to be little bits and pieces of things just laying around on workstations and on the floor.

This is normal but it’s all the price of doing business so we think nothing of it. And that is the concern that many small businesses have at the moment.

When you’re trying to save as much funds as possible and working hard to find cuts that are warranted, the cost of business isn't taken for granted. Yet you do have to spend money to make money but that should not mean that you put up with waste.

Efficiency is the key for any small business to grow day by day. The small savings will one day be a giant pile of extra money that you can use elsewhere.

The parcel process especially gets overlooked so much and yet you have the potential to save a lot here.

Like a child did it

There are many large businesses that use complex machines to create their parcels and many professionals parcel delivery companies offer this too.

However for the small business owner this kind of expense is a little too much. You would normally wait until you were a medium sized business before you bought and maintained automated packaging machines.

So, employees will be doing it by hand and that means that proper usage of materials is required. You cannot send away a parcel that looks as if a child had made it. The overuse of packaging tape is especially a big waste of money.

However the staple gun should not be being used as a machine gun either. Strategically wrapped tape and staples will happily hold up to most stress that the parcel will be feeling.

Over and over again

Sadly one of the largest wastes in warehouses is also the most trivial.

Parcel boxes are so often damaged even before they leave for delivery that angry customers make their feelings known. They may never shop with you again because of the horrible state that the parcel arrived to them.

At the same time, using too many cardboard boxes for one parcel is not efficient and the costs will eventually make it financially unfeasible. So you can use professional corrugated box manufacturers services that not only measure your product in it's packaging with lasers, but they can then make a box that’s just the right size using their own specific machines to do so.

This cuts waste down drastically and allows you to put your money elsewhere in your warehouse storage operation.

Getting it right

Even before you begin making a parcel ready for delivery you should be making sure that you have got the order correct.

If you parcel up a product off the shelves only to find out the wrong size was picked off, you have wasted a lot of time and materials to that effect. So just getting your orders right and having a process of confirming each item is definitely desired.

The parcel process can create a lot of waste which does get overlooked a lot of the time.

However with these methods you can minimize them all at once.