10 Tips to Promote Your Small Business on YouTube

Every business needs a marketing platform and when it comes to online marketing or video marketing, the best choice of every small business and even for brands is YouTube.


Because, YouTube is the #1 video sharing platform and almost every internet user is watching videos on YouTube, there are almost "1 billion hours of YouTube content is being watched per day" and increasing on a daily basis.

That's really a huge audience for any kind of business and this is the opportunity for you to promote your small business on YouTube and pay for the real views, real leads, and real audience.

Let me explain some useful tips to do it effectively:

1. Watch Videos

Before making videos for your YouTube promotions, you need to watch already uploaded videos and for this, you should do a little bit of research by visiting YouTube and then searching for relative search terms.

Like if your business is about attorney lawyer, you have to watch videos related to this topic and check what type of videos are on top, what type of content people loves to watch.

This is the simplest way to get an idea of what type of videos you have to create for attracting more viewers to your small business.

2. Grab Keywords

As everybody on YouTube uses the search bar to search for relative videos and they are using millions of keywords.

You should use appropriate keywords in your YouTube videos and tag them as they should be. The best way to do it is by grabbing (copying) keywords from famous videos or videos with the highest number of views.

It will help you get new viewers by making your videos appear in suggested videos which you can see at the end of YouTube videos and it's a whitehat formula.

3. Name Your Channel

Of course, you have to give a name to your YouTube channel and this not the basic thing, the name is what makes your channel stand out from the crowd or get hidden in the ocean of YouTubers.

You should brainstorm and name your channel as professionally as possible. Don't go for the names like "my dirty player" or "the worst thing", the name should be like "Lawyers Helpdesk" or "Get Advice of Lawyer".

It looks professional and people will be eager to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel as it will look like a source of relative information they are looking for.

4. Customization

I have seen many big YouTubers are missing this opportunity and they forget that they are able to customize their channels.

You can add channel art, channel cover and even change the layout of your channel with the option to add a description (about) text, you can make your channel all yours.

Add your website URL in description and provide as much information as you can in the about section of your channel.

5. Video Creation

Decide how you will create videos for YouTube, as there are hundreds of ways you can create or make videos and you have to choose 2/3 types of them.

Why just 2/3 types?

Because most of the videos on YouTube are from personal-vloggers and they share their daily life stories by holding the camera in hand or sitting in front of the camera and talking about their experiences.

As you are looking to promote your small business brand, you have to choose 2/3 types and that can be how to videos, stories or just the product reviews. The choice is yours.

6. Socialize

You may not know that YouTube is now a fully functional social network and not just another video sharing platform.

You can socialize your small business with the same promotional channel, you can make friends, join groups and chat with them and interact with the community to easily promote your small business.

This will help you to get more subscribers, more viewers and get your name in the community of other YouTube creators.

7. Engaging Titles

As you are done with customizing your channel and making videos, the first thing you have to think about is creating engaging titles for your videos.

You have to create eye-catching and interesting video titles, as most of the viewers on YouTube look for creative videos and the videos which can help them get happy, solve a problem or increase the knowledge.

So, try not to add a title like "John Is A Lawyer in San Jose" add titles like "How To Find Best Lawyer in San Jose".

8. Call To Action

Before hitting the publish button, you should add some call to actions in the description of your video and also in the video itself.

You should edit your video before uploading and add the call to actions (CTA) like:
  • Hit Like Button
  • Don't Forget To Subscribe
  • Leave Your Useful Comments
  • Share This Video With Friends
And add these CTAs in the video description:
  • You Can Embed This Video On Your Website
  • For More Details Visit Our Official Website
  • Follow Us On Twitter
  • Like Our Facebook Fanpage
If you can brainstorm more CTAs you can add them too, but make sure you are not compromising the video quality.

9. Get Feedback

You will notice that some commentators will ask you for more informative videos and some will suggest relative topics.

Some people will dislike your videos and you can ask them to leave feedback. Use those comments and feedback to supercharge your upcoming videos and create more quality video content.

Don't be rude after reading some aggressive comments, instead, you can reply with love and ask the commentator to tell you about how you can increase the quality.

10. Advertise

This is the most effective, professional and quickest way to promote your small business on YouTube, you can advertise your videos or products with video content on YouTube and let your targetted audience watch more about your business.
  • There are some really impressive video-ad-formats at YouTube like:
  • Bumper Ads: 6-second ads for increasing brand awareness
  • Sequencing Ads: These ads can be useful for telling a story in different sets of video content
  • Non-skippable (in-stream ads): Have your small business represented effectively without the option of the skip button
  • Discovery Ads: These are the ads that YouTube users will see when searching for videos or on YouTube mobile homepage
There are some other options, but these are the most reliable and tested ways to spread a word about your small business with the best return on investment possible.

So, this is how you can easily promote your small business on YouTube and do better in terms of sales or brand awareness.

If you are still looking for more tips then comment below and I will reply to your questions with sharing as much information as possible for me.