How To Promote A Product On Blogs

Promoting a product online is what every marketing expert should give time to and think about it before creating any promotions strategy. As you know their are millions of blogs available for every topic of the life and beyond the life, there are thousands of bloggers who are blogging about all kind of things on daily basis and they are generating real leads and their audience loves what they recommend.
How To Promote A Product On Blogs

People trust professional bloggers and they thinks that when a professional blogger or an authority blog is recommending a product then its the best product in the market and they buy. The thing is many of the product owners and their digital marketers are yet to know the power of blogs and they are spending money on other tactics rather than having a blogger talk about their product and get it sold to the right audience. So if you are a company or a product owner and looking for the ways on how you can promote a product on blogs then here's the guide which will guide you to get your product promoted easily and drive more sales. So read the guide now:

1. Niche

First of all, you have to make sure what's your niche and what type of product you are offering to the end customer and then you have to know which type of blogs can easily promote your product and drive more sales. So the first thing can be described in these steps:
  • Know functions of your product and note down what it does
  • Now note which is the main problem in an industry your product is the solution for
  • You will get some topics and now you can note down the industry
As you are aware of your product's industry, now the time is to know which type of blogs are useful for your product promotions. So read below:
  • Use industry name (for example Furnicher Industry or Vehicle Industry) and search for the blogs in Google
  • Now make a list of those pretty blogs and start grouping them in sub niches like Interior design and Cars industry information so that you can get more specified data
Check if that blogs are getting more engagements by checking their views and rankings with some online tools or you can directly ask the owners/authors or admins to tell more about their blogs. There's a sign that the blog is working great when they are updating it 3 times a week or replying to your emails.

In simple words, you have to be in your niche for selecting blogs where you should run product promotions. So don't promote your product on a Cars blog when your product is about Furnicher.

2. Pitch

After knowing your product category and blog niche, all you is left to pitch those blog owners or authors to add your product in their promotion line so that they will give you a reply on what it takes to get your product promoted on their blogs.

Usually blog editors charge $$$ for product promotions and also there are some bloggers who are more interested in the affiliate marketing than directly give you sales. So if you have a affiliate marketing platform with your product then its great, but if you can't give commissions per sale then its good to tell them that you just want promotions and you are not going to give them any commission.

You can send the product promotion pitch like this one:
  • Hello there (blogger name)

    We are XYZ product company and huge fan of your blog, specially we liked the way you talk to your readers.

    Thus we want you to promote our product, which is relevant to your audience and would love to hear the price.

That's all, you can send this simple pitch email to the blog owner and wait for his reply. Blog owner will reply you with price and tell you the way on how you can promote your product on his blog.

3. Content

Don't just create a banner ad on blogs, its not that good. People are not going to click on that banner ad as often they do read blog posts. On blogs its all about blog posts and when there is a banner of your product, chances are you will get some sales but not that huge sales which you can make by promoting your product in a blog post or getting a product review published at your selected blog.

For this you can hire a content writer or write a great quality article with in-depth information and ask the blogger to publish that article including the product promotion. As you can get a product review article published on that blog too. I recommend you to ask the blogger about how you can get more sales as the blog owner can easily justify his audience and come up with a great solution.

All I wanted to say that you should create awesome content and engaging articles to publish on blogs and get readers know about your product whenever they read those blog posts. And also when you give a piece of content with promotion of your product to a blogger, it keeps on getting more views and you will keep on getting more sales while banner advertising is a limited time promotion.

4. Strategy

Often times this step is ignored and thus every relation between a blogger and product owner or the company ruins on a higher rate. For getting promotions of your products done rightly you have to create an out standing brand promotion or product sale strategy with the blog you have selected for the product promotions.

Collaborate with the blogger and do invest some money for advertising that page where your product is mentioned and you also ask the blogger to further promote the sponsored article by boosting posts on Facebook and creating quality backlinks for ranking that sponsored article on top of many search queries in Google so you can get more link juice and also more sales.

This step varies from blog to blog and product to product, so I can say more on this. But you should definitely talk to your marketing expert and the bloggers to create a strategy and gain more sales.

This was a quick checklist about what are the things which you should have in mind and work on before promoting a product on blogs or getting a sponsored review article published on some of the industry related blogs. For more you can comment below and keep on visiting us. Thanks for the read.