MX Taka Tak App for Android: how to download, install & use it?

MX Taka Tak App for Android: how to download, install & use it?

TikTok is banned in India and Pakistan, here's MX Taka Tak (an Indian Rival to the TikTok app) and is now available on the Google Play Store to download and use for free.

Almost every 2nd social media companies are launching their own TikTok like apps and since the ban on TikTok in Indo-Pak, the users are looking for the TikTok alternatives, thus, a new app called MX TakaTak app is leading this industry and is currently the viral short video app on the Play Store in Pakistan and India.

This app is created by MX Player's parent company MXP Media India formerly known as J2 Interactive and its official name is MX Taka Tak while people are searching for the short name Taka Tak as it sounds similar to TikTok.

How to Download and Use MX Taka Tak app on Android?

Here we will help you to easily download and install Taka Tak app on your android phone and use it as the best alternative to TikTok app:

  1. Open the Play Store on your Android smartphone
  2. Search for MX Taka Tak or Taka Tak app and you will see it at the first result
  3. Click on MX Taka Tak, now Click on the Install button
  4. The size of Taka Tak app is low (almost 28 MBs), it will be instantly installed on your device
  5. Open the Taka Tak app from your mobile's menu
  6. See the Trending videos and if you want, you can create a free account

For creating an account, just tap on the Me button available in the bottom right corner of Taka Tak app and you can signup using Facebook, Google, or your personal mobile phone number.

You can watch their trailer of the app and see they are one step ahead of TikTok and encouraging their users to create content that is NSFW and totally entertainment-focused.

However, they are asking their creators to make videos on Dialogue Dubbing (lip-syncing), Comedy/Jokes, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, and Memes. But the content on the app is currently not up to the standards of the modern world. As the app is still growing, they will surely handle it with more algorithmic updates.

So, now you have found the ways for how you can download and use MX Taka Tak on your Android smartphone, you can share it with your friends too.