Plies Net Worth 2024, and How He Made His Money

Plies Net Worth 2024, and How He Made His Money

Revealing Plies net worth is not a big thing, the big thing is diving into the facts and sharing how he earned his millions.

As you know, Plies is a famous name from the music industry, born in Flordia, USA, Plies's real name is Algernod Lanier Washington and he is famous as Plies or sometimes people search for him using Piles (wrongly spelled name).

Here is the full biography of Plies with networth:

Plies Net Worth 2024:

Net Worth: $20 million
Business Type: Rapper (musician)

A 47-year-old rapper, Plies is worth more than $20 million as of today and he is still a famous name in the USA music industry as he has a huge fan following who listens to his rap songs and love them.

Timeline of Plies Net Worth

Here's a complete table of Plies Net Worth from year to year with accurate estimations of his wealth:

Year Estimated Net Worth
2024 $20 Million
2023 $15 Million
2022 $12 Million
2021 $11
2020 $14 Million
2019 $10 Million
2018 $8 Million 
2017 $5 Million
2016 $2 Million
2015 Under $1 Million
2014 Under $1 Million

How Plies is worth $20 million?

Here we will reveal Plies net worth by sharing how he earned his money and how he gained fame from where all of his fortunes are coming from. As he is a famous name in the rapping saga of the music industry and released over 4 hit albums (the recent release was in 2010 titled as Goon Affiliated), over 70% of his net worth is earned with his shiny career in the music industry as a rapper and hip-hop artist as he touched American music top charts for more than once.

He was also a nominee for Grammy awards in 2011 and this adds to his fame that over 20% of Plies' net worth is also coming from his own music record label called “Big Gate Records” and this is a stable income source for the singer who has been into the music industry for years now.

Plies Biography (Profile):

Real Name: Algernod Lanier Washington
Nickname or Fame Name: Plies (The Rapper)
Profession (what he do?): Rapper, Music Label Owner
Awards: Grammy Nominee (2011)
Date of Birth: July 01, 1976
Plies Age: 47 years old
Birthplace: Fort Myers, Florida, United States

Early Life of Plies

Algernod Lanier Washington, better known as Plies, wasn't always destined for the microphone. In his high school days, he reigned as the undisputed king of cool, sporting the freshest threads and dominating the football field as the star receiver. He even nabbed the coveted title of Homecoming King, his charm and talent undeniable. But beneath the athletic prowess and social accolades simmered a different passion: music.

After three years (1995-1997) lighting up the field for the Miami University football team, Plies recognized his true calling lay in the rhythm and flow of rap. He traded the gridiron for the studio, co-founding Big Gates Records with his brother Ronnell Lawrence Lavatte. Their hustle soon caught the attention of Slip-n-Slide Records, leading to a pivotal deal.

This marked the beginning of Plies' ascent to rap royalty. A series of successful mixtapes cemented his name in the music scene, culminating in the release of his debut album, "The Real Testament," in 2007. Hits like "Shawty" and the hypnotic grooves of "Hypnotized" solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with.

But Plies' story is more than just catchy tunes and chart-topping success. He's a testament to the power of ambition and the courage to chase your dreams, even if it means leaving behind a seemingly secure path. He embodies the journey from high school hero to rap icon, reminding us that sometimes the greatest victories are found off the beaten track, mic in hand.

Music Career of Plies

Plies started his music career when he with his stepbrother Ronnell Lawrence Lavatte started their own record label Big Gate Records and started singing hip hop, then soon his stepbrother (who is famous as Big Gates) found that Plies was good at rap, and he started doing concerts in Miami and their fame led Plies to sign a deal with Slip-n-Slide Records then he release a few mixtapes in 2004 that got more fame to his way. After that from 2007 to 2008, Plies released three albums and another in 2010. You can read his album names below:

  1. The Real Testament
  2. Definition of Real
  3. Da REAList
  4. Goon Affiliated

And a several mixtapes and singles like On Trial in 2012, The GOAT in 2019 and Ain't NO Mixtape Bih 2 in 2015 also Aristotle in 2011. As playing in soccer team of Miami University, he was at edge of becoming a soccer player when he left the university to pursue his music career and established his own record label, he earned handsome income.

So, there was the actual data available related to Plies’ net worth and biography that we shared with you, will keep updating this article to have more fresh information available to you.