Facebook Introduces ‘Vanish Mode’ for Messenger and Instagram

Facebook Introduces ‘Vanish Mode’ for Messenger and Instagram

There are disappearing messages everywhere since Snapchat introduced this not so common feature. This is also an help for all of those social media users who don't want to have a track record of their messages sent over social media messaging apps. As the social media giant Facebook is always showing interest in cloning the features than introducing its own. This time, once again, Facebook did the same by introducing Vanish Mode in Messenger and Instagram apps that will enable users to easily send disappearing messages in chats.

On your smartphone, Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs will soon update this feature as for now, the latest Vanish Mode is available to US citizens and is being rolled out to a limited number of Messenger+Instagram users. Facebook aims to bring this feature to everyone in near future and it will be an easiest way of sending automatically deleting messages that will back your privacy.

To use the Vanish Mode feature on Messenger and Instagram, you can open any chat and Swipe Up, there will be options for sending disappearing messages.

So, this feature will let you automatically clean your Messenger Inbox and Instagram DM that maybe a frustration for many users.

However, this is the biggest thing for people who are concerned with their data being leaked. This feature will let them send auto disappearing messages and they can feel much secure than sending encrypted messages that are still there in the chats.

What do you think of this new feature by Facebook?