How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on TV, PC and Mobile

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on TV, PC and Mobile

Amazon Prime Video are as you say Amazon Video service is a great product by Amazon to kill time and watch some interesting, high-quality and entertaining web series, movies and dramas. Everything is there for every genre and the premium content is a key for Amazon Prime Video.

If you are interested in using Amazon Prime Video on your TV, PC or Mobile, we will let you know how to do it in simple and useful ways. As Amazon Prime Video is available on almost every platform with access to an internet connection, you can enjoy TV shows, Movies and Web Series wherever you want.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Your TV

Amazon's Prime Video is available for almost every Smart TV in the market and some of the manufectureres are even selling Smart TVs with Amazon Prime Video app already installed.

However, if you don't have the app for Amazon Video in your Smart TV, you can simply go to Play Store or App Store on your Smart TV and search for Amazon Prime Video and install the free app. Here's the step by step guide:

  1. Open App Store of your Smart TV
  2. Search and Download Amazon Prime Video app
  3. Login with your Amazon account details 

That's it, start watching your favorite movies and TV shows on up to 4K resolution and this is not limited to Smart TVs from companies like Samsung, LG, Sony or Panasonic, you can install the Amazon Video app on all the Smart TVs available in the market.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on a PC or Mac

If you own a PC, Laptop or a Mac, you can enjoy Amazon Prime Video on these devices too. As the app for Amazon Video is already available for PC of your choice. Whether you are using iOS or Windows system, you can access Prime Video and here's how:

  1. Open your internet browser
  2. Go to Amazon Video section on
  3. Select your favorite TV show or Film
  4. It will start playing in HD or SD quality

That's how easily you can start watching Amazon Prime Video content on your PC, Mac or any other Laptop/Computer. Its super easy.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on a Smartphone or Tablet

Having mobile users in mind, Amazon just made it a lot easier for us to access its Prime Video service using a smartphone or tablet with iOS or Androud operating system. Yes, Amazon Video apps are available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, so accessing the video content is easy with your handy devices. Here's how to do it quickly:

  1. Go to Play Store or App Store, search for Amazon Prime Video
  2. Download the app and wait till it is fully installed
  3. Login with your Amazon Video account details
  4. Start watching your favorite TV shows and Movies

Moreover, you can simply access Amazon Prime Video content on your Fire Tablet (powered by Amazon) that comes with Fire OS and is the best equipment for watching Amazon's premium video content.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Games Consoles

What's more entertaining then playing games and then watching movies made on those games? well, you can do it by simply using Amazon Prime Video on your gaming consoles and these gaming consoles comply with Amazon Video apps:

  • Xbox One, S, X
  • PS4 and PS5

Only the Nintendo Switch don't have support for Amazon Prime Video app and that's not fear for gamers who love to watch Amazon Prime Videos too.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on a Set-Top Box or Streaming Stick

As we said, Amazon Prime Video apps are available for every platform and device, you can easily use it on your streaming stick or with a Set Top Box. This enables you to watch Amazon Prime Video on your normal TV system and you can also use Amazon Fire TV stick or Fire TV Cube to easily access Amazon Video content with Amazon's official online streaming devices. However, all the major TV streaming sticks such as Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Nvidia Shield and others support Amazon Prime Video i full HDR and upto Ultra 4K with Dolby Atmos sound and rest of the features.

What is Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Video app or Amazon Prime Video is the TV Shows, Movies and Web Series streaming service by Amazon with apps and website access to all the internet connected devices. A user have to purchase a membership first and then watch his/her favorite video content in HD and up to 4K ultra resolution. Every member can access the same account on different devices he/she owns.

How much does it cost?

You purchase a membership for Prime Video content which costs $119/year or $12.99/month. If you don't want to purchase a full membership, you can pay $8.99/month and there's a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime is also available for new users. 

What Internet Speed Do I Need for Amazon Video?

Here's the detailed internet connection speed anlysis to help you understand how your Amazon Prime will effect with your broadband speeds:
  • 900Kbps: good for SD quality video streaming
  • 3.5Mbps: good for HD quality video streaming
  • 15Mbps: good for 4K Ultra HD quality video streaming
If your internet connection is stable and your device is capable, you will enjoy Dolby Atmos sound or simply the 5.1 Surround audio.

How can I watch Amazon Prime videos for free?

If you don't want to pay for testing Amazon Prime Video, you can simply activate an Amazon Prime Video free trial:

  1. Click Here to visit Prime Video website > Sign In.
  2. It will show you the Free Trial option > click on Start 30-Day Free Trial
  3. Add your payment details and pay some cents (maybe you don't have to pay anything)
  4. Here's your Amazon Prime Video 30-day Trial activated
Amazon will offer you a 30 Day free trial based on the area you are accessing the service. So, they may give it totally free or charge some $0.01 to make sure you are not tricking the service.

If you like the streaming service, you can keep the account and it will charge you a monthly fee or you can deactivate your Prime subscription to avoid being charged for the services you don't want to use.

How many movies are free on Amazon Prime?

There are over 13,000 free movies available to watch on Amazon Prime Video service and they keep on adding more and more content.

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