Google Street View to Let You Upload Images to Google Maps without 360-Camera

Google Street View to Let You Upload Images to Google Maps without 360-Camera

The giant for Maps, Search and Accessibilities on your smartphone, Google is going to provide the best feature in its Google Street View that will let anybody add data and upload images to Street View, and surely will help people to search for more places on Street View.

Becoming the #1 app for navigational and other uses, Google Maps is the #1 app for all the smartphone users who use online maps for traveling and other purposes. To make it more accessible and rich with real-time data, Google is always on the hunt to introduce new features that users ask for.

According to the reports, Google Search, and Google Map's feature in Google Street View, another feature called ‘Driving Mode’ is going to be added, allowing ordinary users to upload data on Street View without a 360-degree camera or special equipment.

This new feature that is being introduced in Street View will be available to a limited number of users at the moment, through which you will be able to automatically upload photos to Street View.

This key feature, Driving Mode, will further enhance Street View, allowing Google to access data from rural areas, where more data is not available to Google.

In addition to the Street View feature, it also acts like an app. Due to a ban by Google, no user was able to upload data to the feature, but this feature is now being extended to a limited number of people.

Note that it is not yet clear how Google will control the quality of data uploaded from users' phones, at the moment it is only assumed that this data will be reviewed manually.

The best thing is human-faces and car-license plates and other sensitive data will automatically fade during data upload.