How to Use Google Look to Speak? & Control Android with Eyes?

How to Use Google Look to Speak? & Control Android with Eyes?

Google's new accessibility app “Look To Speak” is here with a bang that is making you control your Android device with your eyes. Yes, you are reading the reality, now you can control your smartphone with your eyes and enjoy it more than ever before.

The idea behind this new app is to let the Android OS users test some new technology and be ready for Google's upcoming projects. As Google stated in a blog post that it is a part of their “Start with One” project and as per the name, we can assume that Google is going to create more features, apps, or some new products based on this Eye Gaze technology.

Getting started with Look to Speak (video):

As per the video (release by Google), with the look to speak, you can use your eyes to select pre-written phrases and have them spoken aloud.

However, as the app is still not fully functional to have some fun activities on it, to select items on the android screen you have to keep your head still and look right, left, or up each time.

So, with this app called Look to Speak, you can let your Android smartphone speak pre-written phrases out loud only by using your eyes, and here's how:
  1. Position your phone slightly below the eye level
  2. Look Left or Right to select phrases
  3. After selecting some phrases, you can look up

Google Look to Speak will speak these phrases loudly for you.

How to download Google Look to Speak? simply go to Play Store or click here and download this free app.

Google will be updating the app with more easy-pissy features, so stay connected.