Do You Want to Be Part of the Mental Health Community? Follow These Steps

Do You Want to Be Part of the Mental Health Community? Follow These Steps

During the last two decades, the rise in mental health awareness could not have come at a better time. More than ever, in an ever-changing society, people need to cope with the stress that everyday life throws at us.

Work stress, social and financial stress are at an all-time high. People are fighting silent battles against one of the most harmful illnesses one can imagine—mental illnesses. The mental health community has made leaps and bounds in fighting against depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues.

Now more than ever, there is a globalized awareness about the effects of poor mental health. Though we have made strides in progress, it is not nearly enough as of yet. There are still communities that treat the topic as somewhat of a taboo. Hence, we need more people to enter the industry and take their place in the mental health community. If you are considering doing so, read on further, this one's for you.

Here are a few steps to consider to join the mental health community.

Get an education in the field of Psychology

Unlike specific other fields, you cannot enter the mental health community without having specialization in the area. Psychology as a subject is rich with information, and if you are looking to be a part of the system, you need to know the basics. An online MBA in psychology degree can be the first step towards you entering the industry.

To fully understand the depth of psychological illnesses, you need to have at least a bachelor's in psychology. Entering a specialized field as such is extremely important. With assessment, treatment, and research being the cornerstones of the psychological area, proper education is mandatory to understand what's going on around you. After you have attained your bachelor's, you might want to move forwards and look at a master's to solidify yourself in the field securely.

Conduct research

When it comes to the field, you must dip your foot into the research pool. Not only does research get you a significant amount of respect in the industry, but the findings could prove to be crucial. Psychology as a field is ever-growing; therefore, more research will benefit the industry and help it grow to new heights.

Practice empathy

Research often thought that being empathetic is a trait that comes naturally. However, though it may be rooted in genetics, you might be able to learn empathy if you open your mind to it. To be a part of the mental health community, you need to understand what empathy is and how you should practice it.

Sharing people's pain when they go through it is one of the three core principles of therapy. According to Carl Rogers, Empathy, Genuine-ness, and Positive Regard for our client are essential if you are looking to become a therapist. If you do not know how to empathize with people, consider taking some tips for Carl Rogers and Albert Ellis's teaching. Moreover, it would be helpful for you to consider watching some YouTube videos about empathy.


The mental health community takes pride in its efforts to eliminate mental illness on a global scale. Much like a doctor, the field relies on empirical research and scientific methods to holistically look at the disease. Be rest assured, this can be one of the most rewarding career paths in an industry aiming to bring a positive change to the global population.