MeWe a Privacy-Focused Social Media Platform Surged to 15.5m Users

MeWe a Privacy-Focused Social Media Platform Surged to 15.5m Users

A privacy-protection cum ant-Facebook social networking platform surged to 15.5 million users worldwide seeing the growth in last week when the platform added 2.5mn new users.

Currently, MeWe is the #1 social media networking website and app in Hong Kong. Seeing the increasing tension with WhatsApp-Facebook data sharing policy updates people started to dive for a new alternative and so, the new platforms with a focus on user privacy are being the top priority of double-minded social media users.

While MeWe is already working on the idea to stop Facebook and other social media platforms from selling user data and showing targeted ads that sometimes makes no-sense to the users.

Created by Mark Weinstein in 2021 as Sgrouples and launched in 2016 as MeWe, headquartered in Culver City, California, U.S. This is a multilingual privacy-first and no-ads social media website with apps dedicated to the registered users only.

CEO of MeWe is excited about his platform and to prove it, he already relocated from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Mountain View, California for facing Facebook from the front-end and doing what it takes to make MeWe the largest privacy-focused social media platform.

Soaring to Facebook, MeWe is enjoying the top spot for social media apps in Play Store and App Store respectively on Android and iOS devices that made the network receive 2.5 million new users in just one week and it's also a part of recent protests of trump-supporters or you can say the conservatives and that too with a part of protests in Hong Kong that led the internet users to turn to MeWe that allows free-speech in a true way and don't manipulate newsfeed or show boring-ads following you everywhere.

Basically, this new social media website and app is designed with an aim to protect the privacy of users by showing no ads, no spyware, and no bullshit.