Minoxidil and Hair Care Solutions in the Stages of Hair Loss

Minoxidil and Hair Care Solutions in the Stages of Hair Loss

Hair care is just as necessary in the treatment of hair loss. As you talk to your doctor about Minoxidil and shop for it here at Numan, you will still need to practice a few basic hair care steps to help your locks regrow back to as close to their former glory as possible. 

Easy Hair Care Tips For Hair Loss (Plus Minoxidil Treatment)

Follow Prescribed Minoxidil Dosage And Frequency Of Application

There is a misconception about using minoxidil. That because it is a topical, it can be applied at any time, and for as many times as one desires. This, to “enhance” its hair regrowth properties, or perhaps expedite it. 

However, minoxidil does not work this way. In fact, its effects will show only after months of religiously using it. Even then, the changes will be sparse (so you’ll have to be patient). And you will have to use it according to the general recommendation of one mL (milliliter) per application, two times a day (preferably once during your morning shower, and once before going to bed). 

Too much and you will risk incurring unsightly side effects on your scalp. Although said negative side effects are quite the norm (i.e. redness, itchiness, etc.), they should dissipate and stop altogether after you let your scalp have time to adjust to minoxidil’s ingredients. 

Massage Your Scalp Regularly 

This is not a hair loss remedy. Doing so doesn’t mean that your hair (along with the help of minoxidil) will grow back faster. What scalp massages do is dilate the blood vessels beneath. Such dilation is healthy for your scalp as it may aid in strengthening follicles. 

Strengthened follicles could lead to thicker hair strand growth, but only throughout a long period of following through with scalp massaging on a daily basis, and throughout the duration of every day. 

No More Hair Products And Treatments 

You can still have a haircut every now and then. But make sure to leave it at that. Minoxidil doesn’t always work well with other hair treatment products (i.e. hair colour, rebonding and/or curling agents, etc.). 

At the same time, there are certain ingredients in hair treatment products that may be too strong for already-thinning hair that they might cause even more balding. So for now, try to stay away from them, and look for less harmful ways to pamper your hair and scalp instead (you can ask medical practitioners or trichologists for advice). 

Also, stay away from hair sprays and gels, too.

Manage Your Stress 

There have been studies made about the possibility of cortisol (the body’s primary stress hormone) causing imbalances in new-hair growth. Their overproduction may lead to the destruction of hair follicles by means of weakening them. 

Thus, remember to have a steady work-life balance. We understand that there really are professions that are high-stress and are enclosed in high-stress environments. What you can do is to practice de-stressing methods. 

Have a 5-minute coffee break. Walk around the empty corridors or spaces around your office building for a breather. Do some stretching. Call your significant other and have a short conversation over the phone. Read a few pages of your favorite book. You can add to this list as much as you’d like. All of these to-dos can be done every after a tiring task. 

Not only that but have adequate sleep every night. 7 to 9 hours a day is all you’ll need, for your bodily systems (including that of the blood passageways in your scalp) to recuperate.