3 Best WhatsApp Alternatives That Encrypts Your Data

3 Best WhatsApp Alternatives That Encrypts Your Data

As soon as WhatsApp rolled out its new terms of services notification that users need to accept or nobody will be able to use WhatsApp account by any method. Facebook (WhatsApp parent company) faced a backlash and WhatsApp users started to delete their accounts and install alternatives to Whatsapp that are available on Android and iOS.

This helped a few privacy-focused messaging apps to see the turning point as Telegram packed over 2 million users in a week and the Signal app got out of service seeing the surge in the userbase. However, WhatsApp shared a number of tweets telling users that WhatsApp is still protecting chats and private talks of their users and not sharing any data with Facebook. Still, users are trolling the platform and making fun of its clarifications.

Here's a list of top 3 private messaging apps that protects your privacy by encrypting your personal data and chats. These are the best WhatsApp alternatives:

1. Threema

Seems a technically-resolved-app that lets you store your personal data at your own device and not on the cloud servers that can be hacked and data could be shared with third-parties. Threema is a fully open-source and free instant messaging app with end-to-end encryption that too without storing your real phone number like Whatsapp and other apps.

This makes sure that you are on a complete-privacy check that is being said by encrypting your messages, chats, audio, and video calls and as well as any other files such as images and videos you may be sharing with your friends on a daily basis. Encryption is in each step, so you are always protected.

2. Telegram

This is a good WhatsApp alternative and feels like the UI of WhatsApp with some relative features. Seeing a spark in userbase, Telegram is already a famous messaging app for Android and iOS devices. With a few mixed options such as searching friends near you (who wants you to find them via GPS) and with full protection that you can enjoy with end-to-end encryption and disabling your location info. You can enjoy private messaging on Telegram without sharing your data with Facebook or getting it sold on the dark web.

With features such as an auto-delete message and encryption for calls too, you can say that Telegram is better than WhatsApp.

3. Signal

An app made by WhatsApp co-founder and that too with a privacy-focused aim. This app is seeing a sudden demand after Tesla founder Elon Musk just randomly tweeted "Use Signal" and people started to left WhatsApp and install Signal app that is a free app and claims to protect your data.

We recommend you to use Threema or Telegram and make sure you are not sending any sensitive content over any of the messaging apps.

To your surprise, almost all of the internet activity could be decoded and tracked with a number of programming points and key-holes. So its better to not send any sensitive content rather than finding a safe-app.

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