WhatsApp Addresses Privacy Policy Rumors

WhatsApp Addresses Privacy Policy Rumors

After WhatsApp officially rolled out a new privacy policy notification that a user has to agree to use the app. WhatsApp users started sharing memes and posts about how WhatsApp is going to leak their personal information such as private chats and contact details with Facebook or third-party companies.

However, WhatsApp kept silent over the viral stories being shared about how WhatsApp is going to leak out personal information of users as people were really confident that their chats and other WhatsApp data is end-to-end encrypted and now the new privacy policy may share the data with Facebook, and so with other companies for advertising or other purposes WhatsApp officially tweeted more details about fresh privacy policy update and tried to clarify the new privacy policy of WhatsApp:

In this official tweet, WhatsApp claimed that:

  1. WhatsApp cannot see your private messages or hear your calls and neither can Facebook.
  2. WhatsApp does keep logs of who everyone is messaging or calling.
  3. WhatsApp cannot see your shared location and neither can Facebook.
  4. WhatsApp does not share your contacts with Facebook.
  5. WhatsApp groups remains private.
  6. You can set your messages to disappear.
  7. You can download your data.

However, people are still concerned about their privacy on WhatsApp, you can read replies to WhatsApp's tweet:

So, people are giving more importance to Telegram, Signal, and other privacy-focused messaging apps and still most of the WhatsApp users are confused with the new privacy policy update.