Memes with WhatsApp Headquarters Hashtag Trends on Twitter

Memes with WhatsApp Headquarters Hashtag Trends on Twitter

WhatsApp did change the privacy policy and asked users to agree or the private messaging app will not work on their phones. Despite having a huge userbase with end-to-end chats encryption, WhatsApp is being trolled on Twitter and other social media apps and people are sharing memes with the hashtag WhatsApp Headquarters where we can see the WhatsApp staffers reacting to different messages being sent by WhatsApp users.

As WhatsApp addresses privacy policy rumors, people started to reject the claims by tweeting how the platform is being used to share user data with Facebook and companies that are connected with Facebook INC. Here's a list of Memes being shared on Twitter with the hashtag "WhatsAppheadquarters":

Some users also emphasized that we should delete other accounts too as those are also sharing our private data with advertisers:

Many WhatsApp users deleted their accounts and turned to the Signal or Telegram messaging app. However, WhatsApp is still the #1 private messaging app in the world.

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