If You Are a Coffee Lover, You Should Be Aware of These Coffee Machine Types

If You Are a Coffee Lover, You Should Be Aware of These Coffee Machine Types

Coffee makers are a necessity in the kitchen. Let’s agree that a badly brewed coffee is better than no coffee at all. Coffee shops are ubiquitous, but it’s difficult to begin the day without that personally handmade coffee, just the way you like.

Putting it in a pot, and brushing your teeth while the fragrance of the coffee fills the kitchen, is a part of the morning routine.

So once you are sure about your favorite type of coffee, you should figure out the perfect coffee maker to brew you that coffee, but first things first. To know the coffee maker that best suits you, you have to know the type of coffee maker first.

So let’s get started.


Drip coffee makers are one of the easy and most familiar ways of making coffee. They are easy to use, and hence popular among people. They can brew up to 14 cups of coffee and are most suitable for traditional parties or family gatherings. You can add cold water to the reservoir and the ground coffee to the filter. Once the water heats up, it passes through the beans like water passes through the showerhead, and voila! your coffee is brewed. The brewed coffee is then dispensed into a glass carafe which is placed on a hot plate, to keep the coffee warm. You can choose to have a thermal carafe, to prevent re-heating, which might lead to overheating and souring the taste of the coffee.


Using the pour-over method is one of the most gentle ways of brewing coffee. Pour-overs can be for a single mug or a large carafe for a full-bodied cup of coffee. It has a simple process as well. First, the medium-coarse coffee grounds are placed on the cone shaped funnel filter, and the hot water is added in batches, to bloom the coffee grounds initially and then to brew it completely. As the water filters through the grounds, making a full-bodied cup of coffee, which is either poured into a single -cup or a carafe.


Keurig was among the first brands to change the way of making traditional drip coffee, by introducing capsule machines, where you would get a freshly brewed coffee, at the press of a button. There are a wide variety of styles, ranging from one coffee cup size to a larger go-to cup. They use the same method as drip coffee but the scale is smaller as these machines use measured pots and pre ground coffee to deliver a consistent cup every time.


The French Press is for the connoisseurs of coffee, who like the taste of a full-bodied coffee. The french press works by gently steeping the grounds of coffee in boiled water, The longer the coffee is steeped, the stronger is the flavor of the high-quality coffee.


This is a favorite among people, especially because it’s easy to clean. Apart from brewing a cup of Americanos, and Espresso, the AeroPress can also brew cold coffee by steeping the coffee for 1 minute instead of 10 seconds. It's for strong coffee lovers who love to make a quick cup for them at a time.


Traditionally, cold coffee was made by pouring brewed hot coffee over ice, but now preparation of cold coffee does not require any heat. Cold coffee is brewed by steeping coarsely grounded coffee beans in cold water or room temperature water overnight. The brewed coffee can be stored in the refrigerator for 14 days. It gives a deeper taste of flavourful coffee.


There are a wide number of ways of making Espresso, just like there are many ways of making coffee. There are manual, semi-manual, and automatic coffee machines but they all work by running the heated water through the pressed ground coffee at high pressure, but all of them produce a consistent cup of espresso and comes with a milk frother.

  • Manual Machines - These are perfect for espresso experts, as it requires you to control all the variables including the water flow, the tamping, and creating pressure.
  • Semi-Automatic Machines - For the ones who love both espresso and americano, this one's for you. It controls the pressure but you’ve got to control the quantity of the water to be used.
  • Automatic Machines - These have in-built coffee grinders and control the pressure as well as the water. They are perfect for people who want fuss-free Espresso for themselves
  • Super- Automatic - With them, you have to just select the type of espresso drink, you want and the machine will do everything for you. Beginning from grinding the right amount of beans to dispensing the drink as pre-programmed. It’s great for the ones wanting the press-and- go espresso.
  • Capsule Machines - Choose the best Nespresso compatible pods which will detect the barcode on the capsule and brew you the perfect cup of coffee. This feature is unavailable on most capsule machines as they require you to choose the size of the drink, before brewing it.

Now that you are versed with the type of coffee makers, choose your favorite type based on the way you like your coffee brewed.