Why Video Remains One of the Most Powerful Features in a Digital Marketing Strategy

Why Video Remains One of the Most Powerful Features in a Digital Marketing Strategy

Video marketing has emerged to be one of the most effective content forms globally. People are increasingly using it to promote their products and services. Entrepreneurs use videos to introduce their brands to interested customers and establish a stable relationship with them. This has led to many established entrepreneurs using video content to promote their businesses and attract more customers. It is also believed that video marketing will last forever.

Therefore, both small businesses and large entities adopt this marketing strategy to scale their competitive heights and gain more clicks. If you wonder why video marketing has remained one of the most powerful features in a digital marketing strategy, join us as we take an in-depth tour of various reasons for the popularity of video marketing.

Has a Captivating Power

Animated videos are also captivating, which proves the fact that humans are highly visual creatures. For instance, it keeps the viewer's attention more than messages. According to research by a management information systems research center, a study at the University of Minnesota, people process visuals 60,000 times faster than they process text.

Moreover, more messages are retained through videos than texts. This means people like watching rather than reading. As a result, 95 percent of the entrepreneurs are frequently using video to market their products and services, which makes it one of the most powerful features in a digital marketing strategy. Do you want to add animated videos to showcase your products? Click here to find out more.

Video Marketing Leads to More Conversions

This is one of the most significant features that make video a powerful tool in a digital marketing strategy. Furthermore, according to the Top 16 Video Marketing Statistics for 2016, adding video on a landing page probably increases conversions by 80% to 95%. For instance, when an image of a product or service is replaced with a video on a landing page, conversions are likely to increase since the video provides more details about a described product or service.

One notable example is HIP Agency, which highlights how video marketing can significantly enhance the online presence of dental practices by showcasing engaging and informative videos.

As a result, the viewers become more engaged and save information. Customers end up trusting your brands more than before viewing, which leads to more conversions. According to the research for the past 3 years, the most developed businesses owe their successes to video marketing strategy, making the video remain the best marketing strategy ever experienced in business by entrepreneurs.

It Is More Shareable

Apart from leading to more conversions, another important feature that makes video to remain one of the most powerful features in a digital marketing strategy is that it is more shareable. As a result, it has consistently increased the number of people using it as a marketing strategy.

According to the Word stream data, social video receives 1200% more than texts and image content combined. For instance, on platforms like LinkedIn, video is shared 20 times more than all other content formats in the LinkedIn feed following the sales and marketing solutions. Additionally, the video provides tips, tricks, and hacks, therefore, enhancing practical value. This means videos are not only for entertainment but also for passing necessary information from one viewer to another, promoting the business.

Video Keeps Users on Page Longer

Here is another significant factor that makes video one of the most powerful features in a digital marketing strategy. The world is experiencing a technological revolution, and 95 percent globally are not left behind by this shift. Therefore, everyone is on a digital device trying to get any trending information. For instance, 90% of people spend on a website watching videos, giving them more entertainment than reading texts. Many people also acquire more details described in a video than in text.

Consequently, when videos are added to the website's pages, the time visitors spend on the site increases. Moreover, entrepreneurs create product videos, leading to higher retention rates to potential clients, and guarantees many audiences. Entrepreneurs achieve this marketing strategy since people stay longer on video pages and growing their interest in buying the product.

Video Marketing Improves SEO

Research shows that many search engines are interested in videos due to their high-quality content. For example, Google is currently growing due to increased video inclusivity. Hence, the search engine recognizes many image contents within a video. Furthermore, HubSpot shows that almost 65% of business executives visit a marketer's website after viewing their branded video. This means that including high-quality video content that boosts viewers' engagement and captures their interests can attract more traffic to your product website. Consequently, this is crucial for business growth since traffic and clicks are significant factors in Google ranking. Therefore, the higher your SEO ranking, the higher your business grows.

Video Marketing Increases Competitiveness

Every business needs healthy competition to test its growth and sustainability. This means competition is one of the most threatening factors in business that may lead to entrepreneurs' failures if not gauged correctly. However, it provides vast opportunities for business growth. As a result, many business people have devised various strategies to help them survive all sorts of competition.

For instance, the use of video as a marketing strategy is one way to survive completion and helps a lot when it comes to describing your products and services to potential customers. You may use an animated or illustrated explainer video to create a unique advertisement, hence becoming more competitive in the economic world.

Final Thought

A key role in video production is to make sure the customer feels that they are in a position of authority or have some kind of influence over the video's outcome. When you confidently present yourself, people will see that as a genuine leader.

This effect is most effective when combined with a personal appearance. People tend to remember leaders who are presentable in appearance is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. With these essential points in mind, you can begin your journey to create the online presence that you desire.