Xiaomi Unveiled the Mi Air Charge Tech (No Touch Air Charging)

Xiaomi Unveiled the Mi Air Charge Tech (No Touch Air Charging)

All this and that is about upgrading smartphones, their batteries, and then the chargers. Xiaomi is taking a leap forward by introducing the first-ever truly touchless Air Charge tech that will surely change the way we charge our devices and it is up to today's standards and needs. As we are looking for No-Touch devices and everyday use items, Xiaomi's Mi Air Charger is the true face of how the near future technology will totally change the game.

This "Air Charger" doesn't need any plug or pad to charge a device. It is capable of filling batteries with energy even without a little touch and the idea is a curve to many tech-giants having grips on consumers. Read the features of Air Charge tech:

Basic Features of Xiaomi's Mi Air Charger:

  • It will be capable of 5W charging
  • It will charge your devices from a maximum distance of five meters
  • No cables, no plugs, no pads will be needed

What else you want in this new tech? that is purely new. This is really awesome that we will see our devices being charged without any kind of cable or pads with them. Means no need for power banks too? wow.

Mi Air Charger Video:

As Xiaomi explains, this Air Charge technology works with 144 antennas that transmit the millimeter waves as signals directly to the device and then the (of course) the phone or the device you are looking to charge with the Air Charge tech will convert those signals to electricity making the device to charge wirelessly.

Price and availability

Looks like this new offering from Xiaomi is under some testing phase as the company hasn't announced its price or availability. Even no launch date has been announced yet.

The best thing is that we will be able to charge more than one device such as a smartwatch or a fitness watch to a washing machine or a gaming console with the same Air Charger and it will support multiple brands.

What do you say?