What is the HSPT Test

What is the HSPT Test

The High school placement test, shortly known as HSPT, is a mandatory assessment in most catholic or private high schools and leads students and parents to look into Selective School tutoring. Just like the SSAT and ISEE, HSPT shares almost similar content and takes the same amount of time. However, it has more questions (twice as much) than the two. Each of the questions is less rigorous and comprises fewer moving sections. Let’s delve deeper into what the HSPT test entails.

Basics of HSPT

Designed by Scholastic Testing Service, this test is used to pick and place students joining a high school. The test gauges students on the grounds of five different major skills. These include mathematical, quantitative, verbal, language, and reading skills. It takes two and a half hours (with breaks included) to complete the test.

The test consists of 298 questions in total. 60 of which are in the verbal section and run for 16 minutes. 52 questions are asked in the quantitative section and take 30 minutes. The reading section takes 25 minutes to complete 62 questions. The Math section covers 64 questions in 45 minutes. The remaining 60 questions in the language section take 25 minutes to complete.

Each of the questions garners one point. You are not penalized for guessing. With multiple choices included, the questions require neither essays nor short answers. There are optional sections offered in the test, including Mechanical aptitude, catholic religion, and Science. These are dependent on the school you are applying for.

Quantitative and Math sections

These sections handle basic math skills and vocabulary. Here, you are not allowed to use a calculator. The questions are short and straightforward in regards to the skills. They entail exponent rules, plenty of arithmetic, order of operations, mathematical comprehension, basic algebra, geometry, and fluency. However, these questions are not focused on what the student will learn in the eighth grade. Therefore, it is ideal for the students to review the topics to ensure articulacy in their material.

Language, Verbal and Reading sections

These sections are mainly determined by the ability to think fast and the confidence of the students. The language section entails the use of grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. In the verbal part, there are synonyms and antonyms, verbal classification, analogies, and logical questions. Aptitude reading, short and long passages, as well as vocabulary are in the reading comprehension section.

The Passing Score

The HSPT is set on a scaled score of between 200 and 800. Compilation of correct answers is done by the STS to find a raw score. It then translates to a scaled score, with small adjustments varying in the different test applications.

Passing the HSPT

This test is usually challenging to some point. You are required to put in a lot of studying and hard work for you to succeed. Being all-rounded in both maths and language skills to achieve better results. There are many online-based groups of tutors that will aid in passing your HSPT test. All you need to do is head on to their website, answer a few questions to identify your needs, and pair you to your ideal tutor. You decide how and where to take your lessons for your comfort.


Passing your HSPT test determines whether you join the high school of your choice. For you to succeed, you need better preparation. In the exam room, ensure you read and listen to the directions with utmost precision. Use the shortest time to cross-check your work before submitting it. Identify the areas you need assistance and let us help you.