Why Bamboo Toilet Paper? Is It More Eco-Friendly?

Why Bamboo Toilet Paper is More Eco Friendly?

Even people don't talk about this essential item for having a functional bathroom in house or offices. Still, toilet paper is the item that is crucial for every household and workplace. We have to purchase it on a monthly basis and make sure that we never run out of toilet papers that may impact our everyday life.

Do you know why suddenly you are seeing more articles and updates about toilet papers? why even people are talking about this item which used to be just another essential item when we buy groceries and routine products?

Well, this pandemic made people realize what's the importance of toilet paper or a toilet roll. We learned that having them in stock when lockdowns and social distancing happens is a blessing. Here we are talking about 

What is Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Bamboo toilet paper is not just soft and thicker than virgin wood toilet paper, it is more eco-friendly and approximately 30% fewer greenhouse gases gets released from bamboo-based tissue products. This accounts for an eco-friendliness type. As we need virgin wood pulp to make the traditional toilet papers, bamboo toilet papers also help us to don't cut any trees and make the planet greener.

Why is Bamboo Toilet Paper So Expensive?

Bamboo toilet paper products are more expensive than other recycled-paper or tissue products as it is made of pure bamboo without recycling anything. It is a product that is pure than other toilet paper and turns out to be thick and softer than other toilet paper products. It is also sufficient and a moneymaker for the factories and we can use fewer toilet papers that are made of bamboo than compared to toilet papers that are made of virgin wood.

What Toilet Paper do Plumbers Recommend?

Every experience plumber will suggest you use high-quality toilet paper that will never be cheap. Most of them will recommend you to use any bamboo-based toilet paper product and make sure that you are not using them frequently without counting. As the more, you flush the papers, the harder it gets for the plumber to fix your toilet-related issues.

Where can you Buy Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Bamboo toilet papers are available almost everywhere and in your local stores. However, if you can't find any bamboo toilet paper products in your local markets, you can just search on the internet and there will be choices such as Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, and other eCommerce stores for easily purchasing bamboo toilet paper.

So, what do you say?

Will you kick out your toilet paper that is made of recycled material or virgin wood and welcome bamboo toilet paper or not?

Let us know.