4 Effective Ways to Reduce Back Pain

4 Effective Ways to Reduce Back Pain

If you experience 'crack' sounds every morning you get out of your bed or when performing normal daily tasks such as walking, sitting, or studying;

Or if you notice that your back pain is getting worse and worse day by day no matter how much medicine you take, the best thing to do is to seek medical attention through a doctor or Physiotherapist. According to Barefoot Physiotherapy Brisbane, back pain is commonly treated through physiotherapy and can not only treat the source of pain but also prevent it from returning. However, if you’re waiting for your appointment follow these four life hacks that have been proven to reduce back pain for people.

The first thing that you should know is that almost everyone experiences back pain, though the extent of pain may vary from person to person and age. You can check with the physiotherapists near you about the righ diagnisis of your issue.

Start your day with stretching

Physiotherapy in Townsville suggests that the first thing that you should do right after getting out of bed or after sitting for hours and hours doing work is to take five to ten minutes to stretch as it increases flexibility and releases the tension out of your muscles.

If your muscles are contracted and are under pressure, it put weight on your body's disk, which is the main cause of back pain.

Fixing your posture

You do many things in the day that you may not notice, such as the way you sit, stand, or perform tasks. Fixing and maintaining a good posture is highly crucial if you want to avoid extreme back pain.

Now good posture doesn't mean to sit straight all the time until your body becomes stiff; it means to sit comfortably for a prolonged period that won't put your spine under extreme pressure.

Focus on the things you lift

Great things to always keep in mind are the things you lift and carry around as it greatly impacts your back condition. Carrying weights that are more than your overall weight is extremely dangerous because of your muscles over the contract, which puts pressure on your spine.

Try to lift manageable weights, and don't force yourself to do tasks that will have back pain. If you have been experiencing back pain for a long time and want to know centers in Maryland, then try spine and pain center greenbelt md.

Consider yoga

Lastly, try to manage to take an hour or two out of your day to try yoga as it will help your body and mind calm down as studies have shown that taking yoga every week can reduce chronic back pain.

Yoga is all about focusing on the right posture, meditation, and maintaining body balance. Besides trying out yoga, also try to stay active so that your muscle won't stiffen up. Try not to spend an excessive amount of time on TV or phone, instead, spare a few minutes to walk around or go for a jog.


These are just a few tips and tricks to follow if you want to reduce your back pain and have a healthier body. A key thing to remember is to be consistent and active to perform your daily activities without any hurdles.