How the Beauty Industry Thrived through E-Commerce

How the Beauty Industry Thrived through E-Commerce

The beauty industry is continuously growing through the past decade. With the nonstop beauty trends, demand for beauty products kept rising. The global cosmetic market is estimated to reach US$438.38 Billion by 2017. The industry’s rapid growth despite the pandemic was achieved through the help of e-commerce.

Most businesses have used e-commerce platforms to keep their sales at bay during the pandemic. This unfortunate event resulted in most companies going out of business and somehow, the beauty industry kept thriving. E-commerce is a big influence on how this happened.

Going back a few years, purchasing something online was one of the riskiest decisions you have to make. With the huge possibility of being scammed through online shopping, how did the beauty industry earn the trust of its consumers to shop online?

1. The Power of Social Media

Everything revolves around social media. Consumers can freely share their thoughts and experiences with different products they use. Social media platforms are places full of opinions and critics that can help and destroy your brand. With technological advancement, millennials and younger generations rely on the information that circulates on their newsfeed.

Just like word-of-mouth marketing, this is the most efficient way to generate sales without shedding too much cost. Beauty brands are establishing their Facebook and Instagram pages to keep their consumers updated on their newest products. They also provide tips and fun facts about their brand and products. This way, they can start an engagement about their brand within the consumers.

These pages are also used to respond to misinformation and answer queries and clarifications. By being able to send questions through chat instead of calling hotlines, more people appreciated it as it became easier for everyone. Suddenly, the majority are turning to online shopping.

2. Sudden Surge of Small Retailers

Even before the pandemic, many business-minded people started buying and selling stuff through different e-commerce platforms. However, most physical stores were closed due to the pandemic. More people started selling different stuff online to earn money while staying at home. One of the most picked products for online selling is Korean beauty products.

The craze about Korean skincare has never wavered up to this day. With people getting more conscious about their overall health, consumers prefer to establish their own skincare routine to keep their skin young and healthy. If you are planning on starting your own e-commerce beauty business, you should check out sites that offer wholesale Korean skincare products. Reselling skincare products you can get at a competitive price can increase your profit easily.

3. Rising Number of Influencers

Vloggers and influencers are everywhere. Influencer marketing is getting attention from huge beauty brands. Influencers are people with a huge number of followers that watch their content from time to time. Ideally, using influencers as your marketing strategy can easily earn the trust of your potential consumers as they already trust the influencer.

They provide their followers with their overall experience with the products they are advertising. They act as living proofs of how effective the products are. Most beauty influencers also provide tutorials for beginners and potential buyers. As easy as it looks, you have to be careful because some “influencers” can fake their followers with random bots. It would be nonsense marketing.

4. Accessibility and Convenience

No one wants to risk their health just to grab a few beauty products at the grocery stores. The pandemic has contributed to the surprising growth of e-commerce as people would prefer to do everything online as long as possible. The convenience it provides has been felt by everyone worldwide during these times.

The accessibility of different beauty products has never been a problem because of numerous e-commerce beauty sites. Every beauty product can be bought and shipped to your doorstep with a few clicks. There are beauty sites that ship products straight from Korea and Japan. With e-commerce providing endless possibilities, the beauty industry would not go down easily.


E-commerce has started shifting business operations from the ones we were used to. Embracing technological advancement and innovation might be hard in the beginning, but we will get used to it in time. The booming industry of e-commerce shows a promising future ahead of us. Don’t let yourself get behind.