Quick Fix Urine and Its Purposes

Quick Fix Urine and Its Purposes

Synthetic Urine or fake urine is commercially available for many uses that approach it as a substitute for human urine. An alternative to urine is prepared with specific key chemicals first discovered by Friedrich Wohler in the year 1828. 

The giant leap in the Quick Fix Urine production has provided standard kits to people. These samples have been successful in fooling the drug testing laboratories to a great extent. The key chemical compounds in the urine, including creatinine, uric acid, water, etc., balance the synthetic urine's PH level that can undoubtedly be called the exact copy of the natural urine. The kit comes with heating pads to maintain the same body temperature as the natural one.  Many known companies mimic natural composition to prepare Synthetic urine. The Quick Fix Urine is also commonly available in the market. The Synthetic urine commonly available for sale is used by individuals for different purposes. The aim may vary from user to user, who could be avoiding natural urine due to various reasons.

The cost of synthetic urine ranges from $40 for 3oz to as high as $150 and above, depending on the kit and brand.

Uses of Synthetic Urine 

  • A number of firms now require the drug testing urine report to ensure that their employee is not guilty of any drug intake. Synthetic urine is commonly used in the workplace by employees to pass their drug tests. It is important because if an employer is intoxicated at work or behind the wheel, it can risk his company's reputation. However, using fake pee can ensure that people have adequate time to detox.
  • Students in the medical field often practice the urinalysis test through synthetic urine. Researchers in the scientific field are also commonly in contact with synthetic urine. They use it to carry out new researches through experiments in curing various diseases. For example, space researchers use synthetic urine to opt for the latest advancements in the space toilet. Doctors use synthetic urine to check the durability and safety material of medical supplies like catheters and other implants. It is bacteria free and safe to use in medical practices.
  • It is also widely used in television commercials of diapers. Companies use it in evaluating the quality of diapers that they are manufacturing. Its absorption quantity and its overall ability to be leakproof are all assessed through synthetic urine.
  • Gardeners use it in the soil as an alternative to natural urine for the proper growth of plants. It is an artificial booster and a good insect-repellant.

Thus, the artificially produced urine serves several purposes. Drug addicts use it to pass their drug test easily. It produces clean, negative results on any drug test and has many other advantages in different life fields.  Fake urine often comes to the rescue, and almost no one can detect that it is fake. If you have a scheduled drug test that you desperately want to pass, buying a fake urine sample will immensely raise your chances.