Zara Naeem Tops ACCA Exams & Breaks World Record with Highest Marks

Zara Naeem Tops ACCA Exams & Breaks World Record with Highest Marks

  • Zara Naeem tops ACCA 2020 Examination
  • Zara Naeem credits her success to her Father
  • Asad Umar declares Zara Naeem Dar the Pride of Pakistan
  • ACCA declares that Zara Naeem is the winner of their Global Prize

A Pakistani female student tops the Global Accountancy Exams held in December 2020 with the highest marks and breaks the world record that following official tweet from the government of Pakistan, Asad Umar (a Pakistani Minister) gives Pride of Pakistan title to Zara Naeem Dar. Posting on his social media accounts inlcuding Facebook and Twitter, Asad Omar said:

"I keep saying this... Give Pakistani girls an equal chance and they can take on and beat the best in the world. Proud of #ZaraNaeem and wish her the best in her future goals."

Many people questioned and asked Asad Umar about what policies the Pakistani government is making to promote such talent and some shared that Pakistani students are capable of breaking any record.

Earlier, a tweet from the official Twitter account of the government of Pakistan tweeted:

"A very proud moment for Pakistan as Zara Naeem has been declared the global prizewinner for scoring the highest marks in ACCA."

Some of the Twitterati are excited about Zara Naeem's beauty and asked about her Twitter and Instagram account details, some asked about her Wikipedia page and also the age of Zara Naeem, and some even asked about her family members like Sister, Brother, Mother, and Father. Some of them wrote wishes to Zara's brilliant mind.

What is ACCA?

ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and is a certification of Financial Reporting Exam that is equal to Bachelors Degree. Founded in 1904 the ACCA's headquarters are in London and the current CEO of ACCA is Helen Brand.

Zara Naeem Biography

Zara Naeem's full name is Zara Naeem Dar and her hometown is Lahore, Pakistan. Her father's name is Naeem Dar who is a business personality. Zara is a student of Financial Reporting subject and gave ACCA exam in December 2020 which she passed with the highest marks in ACCA history leaving 179 countries and more than 527,000 students behind her high scores in ACCA.

In an interview, she said, “My father is a true role model for me. I grew up seeing him reaching great heights in his military service that always inspired me to follow in his footsteps.”

Following this, Pakistani netizens are congratulating Zara Naeem frequently and sharing beloved wishes for her brighter future.