The Best Time to Wear a Mini Dress

The Best Time to Wear a Mini Dress

There is nothing quite like the feeling of wearing your favorite, hot mini dress. Your legs are free, you can accentuate them with ugg boots, you can dress a mini dress up or down, the possibilities seem endless. You can feel totally unstoppable. And you have every right to! You look good. 

But you may wonder—when is the best time to wear a mini dress? Any time. Just kidding. Sort of. Here are the optimum conditions to rock your favorite mini dress.


To make this ultimate decision as to when is the best time possible to don your teeny tiny dress, there are multiple things to think about, first. Here are a few.


The first and probably most obvious thing to take into consideration is the temperature. What’s the weather like outside? If it’s hot or warm out, it is prime mini dress season. The conditions are PERFECT for any mini dress you want to put on.

Is it a bit cooler outside? Then you have a few obstacles, obviously. If it’s fall or early spring, and you can farewell with a minidress if you wear tights under it and a jacket over it. In the dead of winter, in sub-freezing temperatures, with ice and snow covering the ground everywhere you go… maybe not the best idea. But hey, live your life.


Will this occasion be taking place outside or inside? This changes the entire perspective on temperature, as if the event is indoors, in a more temperature-controlled setting, you have a bit more leeway as to when a mini dress is appropriate.

Of course, if the event is outside, then you’re going to need to take that into consideration.


Perhaps most important of all, you have to consider what event you’re getting dressed for. This determines, ultimately, whether or not now is an appropriate time to wear that mini dress. Here are a few occasions during which it may or may not be a great time to don your mini dress.

New Year’s Parties

Arguably, this is the best mini dress event. You’re kissing last year goodbye and welcoming in a new one full of endless possibilities.

The types of parties that take place on this fun, exciting holiday usually involve your friends and peers (and possibly some booze). This means it is completely appropriate, if not expected, to stand out in that mini dress and show some leg. 

Bonus points? Go with something with glitter, sparkle, sequins, anything that shines. There aren’t all that many occasions when this is socially acceptable, but New Year’s Eve is one of them, so why not take advantage of it?

Birthday Parties

This technically depends on whose birthday party you’re attending, but can also be one of the best times to rock a mini dress. Maybe not your four-year-old nephew’s birthday party, but to any birthday parties your friends are throwing that include dancing or clubbing? Yeah, absolutely.

For your own birthday party, you probably want to (rightfully) be the center of attention. I mean, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? You should wear a mini dress to show off your figure and show some leg. Mini dresses are also perfect to pair with your favorite heels, or boots if that’s more your style.

Graduation Parties

At graduation parties, whether they’re your own or a close friend’s, someone is celebrating a huge accomplishment. Since these frequently take place in May, that means it is prime mini dress weather, so you already know what to do.

Whether this party is outside or inside, a mini dress will be perfect to go with that new diploma.