Easy Tips For Making Instagram Story Ads That Actually Convert!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in use today, and it is easy to see why. It epitomises much of what modern consumers want, and it has many formats that businesses can use to get their message across.

Easy Tips For Making Instagram Story Ads That Actually Convert!

Instagram stories are short, fast and fun, and an incredible way to get your brand out there to the hundreds of millions of people who use them each day.

Instagram story ads can be exactly what you need to increase your traffic and sales, but only if they actually convert. Read on to discover our easy tips to make your ads a success in no time…

1. Experiment with different formats

Instagram stories are highly versatile, with many different formats to choose from. You need to decide which will best work for the story you are trying to tell, or the message that you are trying to get across. Videos are hugely popular choices here, allowing up to 15 seconds for you to showcase your wares. Photos can work just as well, and the carousel option allows both.

2. Make it memorable

Attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter, and you need to recognise this trend if you want to succeed.

If you are opting for a video, make sure that the first 3 seconds grab your audience’s attention and that the rest of the ad strives to keep it.

One picture may not have them looking for long, but a sequence of pictures popping up one after the other may keep their focus.

3. Instagram stories aren’t long novels

While they may be called stories, your Instagram ad shouldn’t have too much text or indeed involve much reading at all. If you include text, make sure that it is short, clear and easily digestible in a glance.

You may only have a couple of seconds to grab your target customer’s attention, and they are more likely to turn away if you offer an essay instead of a punchy headline or quote.

4. Be authentic

The key to a successful Instagram story isn’t to create the most perfect ad. Indeed, that can put potential customers off. Glossy, highly commercial ads stand out more as ads, and can contrast badly with the more authentic, home-cut stories that users see from their friends and family.

While your social media marketing agency can no doubt create an incredibly professional looking ad, the best choice may actually be to be authentic. Create a more informal ad to encourage customers not to swipe away, and to showcase more of who you are and what matters to your brand.

5. Add a strong CTA

While the power of social media cannot be denied, if you truly want your ads to succeed you need a clear call-to-action (CTA) to gain the conversions you need. When you create your Instagram story ad you need to be clear about what it is you are trying to achieve with your campaign. Then add a CTA that encourages users to do it. This could be going to your site, adding an email address or making a sale.

Final thoughts

These are just a few of the ways you can create an Instagram story ad that actually converts. The right social media marketing company can help you take your brand and your message and get it across to your ideal audience. And in a way that will draw them in and make a strong impression.

Just remember to be yourself, be memorable, keep it short and sweet, and actually ask your customers to convert, and you will be well on your way to a successful ad in no time.