What Is Machine Learning and How It Works?

What Is Machine Learning and How It Works?

While just a decade ago AI still seemed like it belonged mostly to science-fiction novels and movies, it is very much reality in today’s world. Artificial Intelligence solutions and machine learning are constantly expanding fields and are only likely to expand their reach in the coming years. A number of individuals are taking up ai and ml certification courses to enhance their skills and increase their chance of landing a high-paying job. But what exactly is machine learning and how does it work?

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is an advanced technique of data analysis that makes use of artificial intelligence. With machine learning solutions, AI can continuously learn from the data that is fed to it by identifying new patterns and making increasingly complex decisions without any human input.

While machine learning is nothing new, it has vastly developed and changed from its original concept. Originally, machine learning only stated that computers might learn from provided patterns, without being programmed for a specific task.

Machine learning today - who’s using it?

In today’s world, most industries make use of machine learning to some extent. For example, financial services such as banks use machine learning to prevent fraud by identifying patterns in user data, looking for suspicious activity. Moreover, banks make use of machine learning to search for investment opportunities by recognizing when is a good time to invest.

Virtually all industries that work with tons of data use machine learning to make the task more manageable. Take Cloudways, for example, the cloud hosting provider that uses an AI-powered assistant called CloudwaysBot to process data and deliver real-time insights using machine learning techniques.

Even our governments make use of it, improving public safety by analyzing and identifying ways to prevent accidents without any human input. To understand it in a deeper way, you should choose a Machine Learning Certification in London.

How does machine learning work?

Machine learning can be difficult to understand without getting into the technicalities, but the heart and soul of every machine learning operation is a well-written algorithm. Such an algorithm deciphers tons of data every second, looking for specific patterns and constantly learning from the results.

This algorithm does not work alone - together with software that manages data, builds models and optimizes process flow, these tools create machine learning. Is machine learning the future of the world's industry? Definitely!

Are Machine Learning and AI the same?

Not really, as Machine Learning is a subset of AI (artificial intelligence) it is not them same thing. Machine Learning is all about processing a given data to form results and algorithms while AI is about mimicking the human-features using a device (hardware+software).

What is machine learning in simple words?

Machine Learning (ML) is a process developed from artificial intelligence fundamentals. It is about making a machine to predict something (results) based on the data given.

For example, you can upload historical data of cancer patients and use machine learning by coding algorithms that can predict conditions of a caner patient based on the data of previous patients. That data will help you predict things in a more focused and accurate level.

This is a good example of how machine learning can help us save lives and do wonders.

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