Why Your Body Will Thank You for Percussive Therapy

Why Your Body Will Thank You for Percussive Therapy

Percussion vs. Vibration in Massage Therapy

Vibration therapy in massage has been around for a long time. The older types of massage tools utilize a vibrating sensation, that is applied to sore muscles to help in the stimulation of blood flow to the tissues, as well as provide pain relief to injured spots. The massage is not as penetrating in nature as deep tissue massage that a massage therapist is able to provide, but is helpful in some ways to stimulate healing and provide basic palliative relief.

Percussive devices, like massage guns, provide a deeper, more penetrating massage to injured tissue. This type of massage device is more like a traditional deep tissue massage. Blood flow is improved, and tissues that are knotted up from minor injuries can be kneaded in such a way as to help the relief of this kind of minor sports related injury. Often when these kinds of knots are kneaded out with deep tissue massage, a meaningful, long lasting pain relief is achieved. Increased or improved range of motion might also be a benefit, if the injury has been severe enough to impede upon full range of motion. 

Benefits of Massage On Muscle Injuries

Massage is an amazing and recommended daily activity for anyone who is recovering from any kind of musculoskeletal trauma. When muscle and connective tissue become tangled and knotted, the pain and decreased flexibility that is a result of the injury becomes an antagonistic daily struggle. By incorporating massage into a physical therapy plan of care, the pain relief and improved circulation provided by it is an amazing benefit. 

Deep muscle massage that could only be achieved by using expensive massage therapy before can now be achieved with a massage gun. The new kind of massage device provides an amazing amount of deep, penetrating therapy into the injured muscles. Because this is now available on a weekly or even daily basis, the full benefits of massage therapy can finally be enjoyed by regular people instead of just by the wealthy. Pre and post-workout massage is a great way to avoid causing sports related injury, and can save time by warming up muscle groups in minutes instead of performing a time consuming warm up series of exercises prior to a main gym workout. 

Improved Flexibility For An Active Lifestyle

The regular use of percussive therapy into daily life is waiting for you to enjoy. The amazing massage guns that are available out there are really cheap, when compared to the cost of a massage therapist. Massage guns made by reputable manufacturers are of high quality, and made for years of continuous muscle therapy. It is as easy as squeezing a trigger to gain a new lease on life with improved range of motion, improved blood flow to injuries and to extremities, and to above all, pain relief from nagging injuries that never seem to stop causing chronic pain. 

You are worth it, and you deserve a pain-free life. There is no reason to keep suffering from musculoskeletal pain caused by knotted, inflamed tissues when there is a product out there that can quite literally knock out the knots and aching areas of muscle that cause cramps, painful movement, or even numbness or tingling to distal areas from the injury at hand. 

No matter what kind of problems you might be suffering from, if you are looking for a more active, less painful life - or even if you just like the idea of an easy, deep massage - then it is easier than ever to use a massage gun and get the best massage of your life.