5 Super Fun Math Logic Puzzles for Kids!

Super Fun Math Logic Puzzles for Kids!

Puzzles are always a fun way when it comes to learning math, especially for kids. It looks like a game to them, which they enjoy playing and learning side by side. Kids should be introduced to maths puzzles to improve their analytical, critical thinking and develop strategic approaches to problem-solving.

Online math games help children love math and do not grow an unnecessary fear that it is a tricky subject. Math will be the greatest friend of children if learnt and practised properly with some friendly games and puzzles. Math games, if played with groups of friends, often tend to improve math skills more efficiently, as one immediately converses with each other in math terminology. This will not only increase their confidence but will also be useful in coping with numbers in real life. If you want to find some interesting math puzzles, check website for Cuemath.

Math has a presence everywhere, and its demand is also well understood in the job sector. Therefore, if the foundation of math is good, children can already learn one of the most valuable skills that will help them earn money by selecting their profession.

Jigsaw puzzles

The basic jigsaw puzzles are a very good resource for improving logical thinking capacities and observing skills. These are not only fun but practising them will always make the memory sharper as it is again a memory game where you need to be very clear of the position of each piece in the puzzle.

Math riddles

Simple math riddles can be fun for kids. These can be a pictorial representation of objects which the students need to figure out by figuring out the patterns or objects. A lot of worksheets for math riddles for kids are readily available online. These are easy to download, as well as very fun and interactive.


Sudoku is an excellent form of math puzzle where the students will be getting a lot of practice on the calculation part, hence making number crunching easier for them. This will enhance their problem-solving capacity for further higher math studies as sudoku requires a lot of analytical thinking and a fundamental number calculation. Even younger kids would enjoy solving this puzzle.

Brain Teasers

Brain teasers help children broaden their perspective of thinking. Suppose a farmer has to cross a river and he has a boat for this purpose. The farmer has got a fox, a goose and a peck of corn. The problem is that the boat will only carry two things at a time, and to add to it, the farmer cannot leave the fox with the goose or the goose with the peck of corn because if he does, then the fox will eat the goose and the goose will enjoy the peck of corn. So how is the farmer supposed to cross the river?

To solve the above puzzle, we need to think of an arrangement where the fox and the goose or the goose and the corn never stay together. Such kind of brain teaser is not only fun to solve, but they give an excellent exercise to the brain.

Yohaku puzzle

Yohaku puzzle is a puzzle which again enhances problem-solving skills. One needs to fill in the cells provided in the puzzle with appropriate numbers. This puzzle will give good practice in addition and multiplication.

Learning through puzzles helps children learn at their own pace instead of rushing over and just sitting in boring math classes. They also try to figure out concepts by themselves while playing. They are bound to make mistakes while playing, and mistakes will help them learn more effectively as they will try to rectify them. This will result in better cognitive and analytical skills. They will also get to know a lot of different strategies for playing the game, which will further develop problem-solving capabilities. Logical thinking, mental fluency and learning how to deal with failures, are an added advantage of math games.