MyHeritage Introduces “Deep Nostalgia” That Animates Old Photos

MyHeritage Introduces “Deep Nostalgia” That Animates Old Photos

Ever tried to animate your grandparent's photos and make them smile at you?

If yes, then you are going to enjoy this new AI-powered photo re-animating tool that is free and nostalgic. Yes, the new tool by MyHeritage is capable of making your vintage photos and even the ancient sculptures rotate heads, blink, smile, and do other random acts that make you believe that the photo you just uploaded is now a video and was taken on that same time.

Having some realistic modes, artificial intelligence is being used to deploy deep fake technology that can create a replica of your face and emotions so the better version of old photo animations.

The hottest thing about this tool is, it's free and complies with standard privacy policies. In general, you have to signup with MyHeritage to upload and animate an old photo, but if you don't signup, your photos will be deleted after you save them to your device. That's a good move.

Deep Nostalgia demo photos

If you are sad that you haven't seen your grandparents, a celebrity or your parents and other loved ones alive, you can use this free tool to animate their old photos and let them smile, move their eyes, move their head and even flick and blink. This is the beauty of AI that even a deceased person will look alive in a virtual world.

Here's what people are sharing with the #DeepNostalgia hashtag on Twitter:

If you are interested to have some fun with this newly created and currently trending photo editing tool. Just go to their website and enjoy.

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