Home Pool Can Improve Your Health Without Any Limits

Home Pool Can Improve Your Health Without Any Limits

A visit to the pool strengthens our health, develops our body, brings a lot of positive emotions and helps to relax, but this is only one side of the coin. The pool is often associated with a healthy lifestyle and sports.

But many people do not even know what risk they put their health at when they come to a public pool!

A study published in Environmental Science&Technology proves the negative effects of a disinfectant on public pool water that can cause infectious diseases, asthma and even bladder cancer.

A large number of contaminants such as sweat, hair, factions of feces, urine, skin and cosmetics accumulate in the water of public pools. All of this waste chemically reacts with disinfectants, turning water into a chemical poison.

Particles of cosmetic substances that contain nitrogen and oxidize when exposed to disinfectants, turning into toxic carcinogens, are especially dangerous.

New research was carried out on the nucleus of individual cells using highly sensitive DNA technology. In their course, it was revealed that such substances increase the dangerous level of genotoxicity of water, accelerate the aging process of cells, promote respiratory diseases and provoke gene mutations.

Is it worth giving up swimming in the pool or, nevertheless, there is an alternative?

If you want to improve and maintain your health, install a pool in your yard. As a responsible owner, you decide for yourself what is the safest way to disinfect the water, and you can check the condition of the filtration system at any time.

A home pool will provide maximum comfort and tranquility.

By installing a pool in your yard, you will save yourself from long lines, tedious travel, uncomfortable schedules, demands from other owners and constant price hikes for entering a public pool.

Despite various external factors or unforeseen situations, such as the current coronavirus epidemic, with the help of a home pool, you will not miss your water treatments and training.

Furthermore, you can install a shower near your pool and enjoy cold water procedures in a hot summer day. There are a lot of great offers on the market and you can find the best outdoor shower for sale on a matter of minutes.

Now, you can fully gain independence from unpleasant situations and successfully invest in protecting not only your health, but also the health of your family. A home pool will help protect from hepatitis A, intestinal and fungal infections, viruses and many other bacteria that are literally teeming with public pools.

You will not have to share your vacation in the pool with strangers, feel constrained and embarrassed.

Instead of them, there may be your children, relatives and friends, with whom you can be yourself and have a nice rest.