Eight Secrets to a Lasting and Successful Relationship

Eight Secrets to a Lasting and Successful Relationship

Being in a relationship, we all make mistakes. Some of the mistakes are silly and can often be done away with, but some mistakes are massive and cannot be ignored. These mistakes become deal-breakers and can ruin the entire relationship. As we have all made mistakes, we will list some effective ways to get past these mistakes, grow in your relationship, and make it last longer. Let us get started and address these tips one by one.  

Touch Each Other 

You live together, you are partners, and you love each other. So, for your relationship to work and last longer, the human touch is quintessential. When you touch each other, it leads to the release of a feel-good hormone, endorphin, in both the recipient and the giver. So, whenever possible, hold each other’s hands while you walk, kiss when you see them for the first time in the morning and brush her cheek to make her feel loved. It is vital to bring back the ways you touched each other in the early days – brushing your hand through her hair or maybe surprising her with a kiss behind the ear. Adding these gestures is mandatory for your relationship to thrive and grow. It is also quintessential because a couple that can form a solid unit can overcome any storm and even stave off infidelity.  

But, the big question is how you can establish this bond? First things first – be on their side whenever there is trouble with the ‘outside world.’ If they share something with you, keep their secrets with you, and do not use these secrets against them even in tough times. More so, except in really urgent times, do not let anyone invade your ‘us’ time. This is precisely where the bedroom door locks and the voice mails come in handy. Make it a point to communicate with each other for at least thirty minutes every day, regardless of how busy you may be.   

‘No matter how overwhelming our schedules are, my spouse and I never fail to check up on each other, discuss how our day went, our dreams, aspirations, and future plans,’ comments Dave, an educator who offers assignment help.  

More than girlfriend and boyfriend or husband and wife, be each other’s friends. There are several studies to back this school of thought. Couples who are friends with each other always have a sexier and a closer union. Lastly, intimacy is essential. If required, log it in your planner, but do not ignore it.  

Be Honest with Each Other

 A lot of times, issues crop in relationships when you are not honest with each other. If there are any truths you do not acknowledge or issues you continually avoid, you tend to undermine the whole relationship. Please understand it is always better to face the truth in the face, and address it instantly, than have it bite your back and sabotage your relationship in the future.  

It is vital to be upfront and figure out the trueness of your relationship. Think through, and address every aspect of the relationship – the issues, your feelings, other person’s feelings, your thoughts, and any other external context. If you find yourself flinching from reality, it is high time you shift your focus back to it and address the truth.  

Burn That Blueprint and Script 

‘Many couples plan the relationship, which becomes the cause of failure of the relationship,’ points out Daisy, an online python tutor. Well, we agree with Daisy. So, even if you try and do this, there is a good chance that there will be way too many things, which do not go as planned, and that could end what was possibly the most fulfilling relationship. Relationships work on spontaneity and passion. If you try to plan everything, things will crumble soon, but having an enfp personality could help you do better. So try to develop that element in yourself.

You do not resent respectful disagreements. 

We have seen so many relationships. While several couples talk things out quietly, others raise their voices and passionately disagree with each other.  

For a successful relationship, it is essential not to be scared of conflicts. It is crucial that both of you feel safe to express the things that are bothering you without any retaliation. This will help you solve conflicts sans degradation, humiliation, and the constant need to be correct or superior.  

Be an active listener. 

Some people tend to interrupt other people when they are trying to tell you something, only to put across your point. This can make your partner feel discouraged or frustrated or simply hesitant in sharing their life details with you. For a successful relationship, it is crucial to listen more than speaking, especially when you are having a discussion.   

Greet Each Other When You Come Home 

‘Whenever I come back from home before I change and settle down, I head to my wife and greet her. This is our routine, and we follow this religiously,’ shares Justin, an educator who offers statistics homework help.  

Well, it is genuinely a great habit and a recipe for a successful relationship. To a lot of you, it may seem like a cliché, but a simple ‘hello’ when you get back home can give your partner a feeling that you missed them while you were at work.   

You can understand this as – You go to an event, and nobody turns up and greets you or acknowledges your presence. How does it? Not good, right? A loving and affectionate hello, and spending just a few minutes to talk about their day and yours can make a massive difference in the relationship.  

Be Respectful of The Other Person’s Privacy and Boundaries 

With technological developments, it is not difficult to track each other or constantly be updated on one another’s life. But that does not mean that you do not permit privacy to them. Further, it would be best if you never forced your partner into doing things that they are not comfortable in. An important example of this is sharing every bit of your relationship on social media. You need to talk about it and discuss how comfortable your partner is towards sharing every relationship detail. If they are not comfortable, instead of doubting them, be respectful of their privacy. 


Lastly, learn to forgive and forget. Everyone makes mistakes. It is a cold fact of human life. If you care for them and your relationship, you need to learn to let go and forgive them for the mistakes. When you constantly hold grudges, you lead your relationship to failure.